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augmented-reality;image;activity;amblyopia;lazy eye;altered-reality;eyepatch

Augmented-reality Technology Could Help Treat 'Lazy Eye'[Dec 09, 2017]

A new research conducted by scientists from Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences suggests that people may be able to use wearable augmented-reality technology to reduce this visual discrepancy as they go about everyday activities.

Pamirs;settlement history;mitochondrial genome;next-generation sequencing;genetic marker;evolutionary biology

Mitochondrial Genomes Reveal Peopling of Pamirs[Dec 11, 2017]

To find out the settlement history in the Pamirs, an international research team led by Prof. ZHANG Yaping from Kunming Institute of Zoology of Chinese Academy of Sciences used next-generation sequencing to analyze the mitochondrial DNA genomes of 382 individuals from eight populations inhabiting the Pamirs and the surrounding lowlands in Central Asia.

layered material;bulk conductor;ceramics;metallic conductivity

Scientists Build an Electron "Highway" in Bulk Conductors[Dec 07, 2017]

In a study published in ACS Nano, Prof. CHEN Chunlin and Prof. MA Xiuliang at Institute of Metal Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other international researchers, unambiguously determined the atomic and electronic structures of the SrnNbnO3n+2 compounds and revealed the underlying mechanism for their quasi-1D metallic conductivity.

rubber plantation;termites;soil nutrients;water content;Xishuangbanna

Researchers Examine Effects of Termite on Soil Nutrient Concentrations[Dec 08, 2017]

Prof. LIU Wenjie and his team from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted a study to investigate the relationship between the stabilization and redistribution of soil nutrient properties and the chronological development of termite mounds (primary, secondary-occupied and abandoned mounds).

Jammed Packings;instability;vibrational state;energy barrier;

Instabilities of Jammed Packings of Spheres Under Load Affect Density of Vibrational States and Distribution of Energy Barriers[Nov 30, 2017]

In a study published in Physical Review Letters, XU Ning at University of Science and Technology of China and collaborators studied the new properties of glass modeled by a jammed packing of sphere when it approaches an instability, and found that instabilities contribute to both the density of vibrational states and the distribution of energy barriers, which lead to a refined understanding of marginal stability in jammed packings.

Zr-tetracarboxylate;steric tuning;metal-organic framework;MOF

Researchers Control Structure of Zr-Tetracarboxylate Frameworks Through Steric Tuning[Dec 08, 2017]

In a study published in J. Am. Chem. Soc., the research group led by Prof. HONG Maochun from Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter of Chinese Academy of Sciences reported the precise control of the structure of Zr-tetracarboxylate frameworks through steric tuning.


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