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microbiome;big data;Microbiome Search Engine

Scientists Develop Microbiome Search Engine to Assess Microbiome Novelty and Impact[Nov 14, 2018]

Scientists from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology developed a way to objectively evaluate the novelty and impact of plethora of microbiomes in the vast universe of microbiome big-data, based on an innovative tool called Microbiome Search Engine (MSE).

trans-Golgi network;gene lot;gene;plant;vesicle trafficking

Scientists Uncover A Key Gene Regulating trans-Golgi Network Biogenesis in Plant[Nov 13, 2018]

YANG Weicai’s laboratory at Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology identified an Arabidopsis protein LOT (loss of TGN) that regulates the trans-Golgi network biogenesis.In lot mutant, the researchers found that pollen tube growth is inhibited in style leading to sever sterility. In mutant pollen, the Golgi cisternae is over-stacked and the number of TGN and vesicles surrounding the Golgi are significantly reduced as manifested by the dispersed cytosolic distribution of TGN-markers.

MacCer;synapse growth;Wnt

A Specific Membrane Lipid MacCer Directly Interacts with Signaling Protein Wnt in Regulating Synapse Growth[Oct 30, 2018]

A team led by Dr. ZHANG Yong Q. from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology found that a specific membrane lipid MacCer can regulate the synapse growth by interacting with Wnt. They took advantages of effective genetic manipulations and less redundant metabolic pathways in Drosophila, and investigated the role of individual lipids in synaptic development by a genetic screen.


Traditional Eutectic Alloy Brings New Hope for High Energy Density Metal-O2 Batteries[Nov 13, 2018]

A research team led by ZHANG Xinbo from the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, in collaboration with his colleagues, developed a long-life AM-O2 battery using Li-Na eutectic alloy as novel metal anode for the first time. Their findings provide a guidance for developing other bimetal batteries such as bimetal ion batteries and bimetal-S batteries.

defect engineering;nonlinear optics;sulphur; transition metal dichalcogenides;nanofilm

Scientists Uncover Novel Functions of Defect Engineering in Regulating the Nonlinear Optical Performances[Nov 05, 2018]

Recently, by means of a modified solvothermal method via a polyelectrolyte-assisted annealing process, researchers in Prof. WANG Jun's group from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM) reported a direct strategy for the fabrication of wafer-scale 2D MoS2 nanofilms with tunable S vacancies and crystallinity.

global warming;carbon dioxide;ENSO

Scientists Identify Mechanism for Global Warming Slowdown in Early 2000s[Nov 12, 2018]

Scientists from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics revealed that the global warming has never stopped in the past hundred years, with maximum rate of change after World War II and almost constant rate during the latest three decades.


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