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amino acids;metabolism;infection

Amino Acids Participate Metabolic Interaction between Host and Pathogen: Study[May 22, 2018]

Prof. YIN Yulong from the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture and his collaborators illustrated that amino acids (AA) participate metabolic interaction between host and pathogen. The research of AA-involved metabolic interaction between host and pathogen is beneficial to the treatment and prevention of epidemics.

flower;evolutionary innovation;floral traits;

Research Reveals the Evolutionary Mechanism of Flower Characteristics[May 21, 2018]

Recently, Prof. ZHANG Shibao's group from Kunming Institute of Botany, together with Prof. Timothy J. Brodribb from University of Tasmania, examined relationships between veins, stomata and epidermal cells in leaves, sepals and petals of 27 angiosperms to determine whether common spacing rules applied to all tissues.

gloxinia;flower;genetic mechanism;floral organ

Researchers Unveil the Mystery of Genetic Coupling of Floral Horizontal Orientation and Zygomorphy, and the Origin of a Horticultural Plant[May 21, 2018]

Research group led by Prof. WANG Yinzheng from Institute of Botany employed multiple experimental approaches to explore the genetic mechanism underlying the evolution of peloric phenotype in domesticated gloxinia. They found that the horizontal orientation of the flower is caused by a ventral-dorsal asymmetric growth at the base of dorsal corolla which produced a convex, gibbous structure.

BIG Bell Test;Bell's inequality;local realism;randomness;Bellsters;loophole;quantum information

The BIG Bell Test - Global Physics Experiment Challenges Einstein[May 12, 2018]

The BIG Bell Test recruited more than 100,000 participants worldwide contributing with unpredictable bits, which determined how entangled atoms, photons, and superconducting devices were measured in twelve laboratories around the world. The lab led by Prof. PAN Jianwei and Prof. ZHANG Qiang at University of Science and Technology of China worked to explore the Bell's inequality with partial perfect randomness input.

remote sensing;sparse representation;cloud removal

Multiscale Adaptive Sparse Representation to Reconstruct Missing Remote Sensing Information Proposed[May 18, 2018]

Reconstructing missing Remote Sensing (RS) information caused by poor atmospheric conditions and defective sensors may improve the availability of RS data. A research team led by Prof. YANG Xiaomei at the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research found that sparse dictionary learning was beneficial for clouds removal from high-spatial resolution RS images.

biological soil crust;infiltration dynamics;natural rainfall;soil moisture;soil water effectiveness

Scientists Reveal Effect of Biological Soil Crusts on Soil Moisture Dynamics[May 17, 2018]

Scientists from Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources investigated the effect of biological soil crusts (BSCs) on soil moisture dynamics under different rainfall conditions in the Tengger Desert. The result showed that BSCs significantly increased surface infiltration and soil moisture, but had a negative effect on deep soil moisture recharge.


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