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sand-binding vegetation;climatic zone;sandstorm;desert area;vegetation

Scientists Evaluate the Stability of Sand-binding Vegetation in Different Climatic Zones[Oct 13, 2017]

Recently, a research group led by LI Xinrong from the Shapotou Desert Research & Experimental Station, NIEER of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with colleagues from the Gansu Agricultural University, explored the effect of a stochastic daily precipitation mechanism on soil moisture and vegetation cover after the establishment of sand-binding vegetation.

AS1;malaria;bacterium strain;mosquito

Armed Gut Bacteria in Mosquitoes: a New Weapon of Fighting Malaria[Oct 13, 2017]

With the increasing resistance of malaria parasites to drugs and of mosquitoes to insecticides, the solutions are not sufficient for malaria control, and new weapons are urgently needed. Recently, a joint research team led by Prof. WANG Sibao at Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena at Johns Hopkins University, has developed a promising way to stop mosquitoes spreading malaria.

heat wave;Yangtze river valley;El Nino

What Mainly Contribute to Heat Waves over the Yangtze River Valley?[Oct 13, 2017]

The researchers from IAP found both of El Niño decaying in the previous year and La Niña developing in summer could do a favor for heat waves in the Yangtze River valley.The atmospheric internal variability is a circumglobal teleconnection and it shows a tripolar wave train propagating southeastwards over the Eurasia. Non-ENSO SST anomalies, that is warm pattern in the North Pacific and a dipolar pattern in the North Atlantic, can exert its influence by projecting onto the mode of internal variability.

regenerative inability;callus;mature organ;cereal

Scientists Explain Regenerative Inability in the Mature Organs of Cereals[Oct 13, 2017]

Using the monocot cereals rice and maize together with the dicot model plant Arabidopsis, researchers at Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology of Chinese Academy of Sciences showed that the Arabidopsis and cereals use separate strategies in maintaining regeneration-competent cells during organ maturation, resulting in different regenerative abilities.

soil acidification;nitrogen addition;buffering capacity;precipitation-mediated responses;semi-arid grassland;water addition;soil

Precipitation-mediated Responses of Soil Acid Buffering Capacity to Long-term Nitrogen Addition Revealed in a Semi-arid Grassland[Oct 13, 2017]

By conducting a field manipulation experiment in Duolun Restoration Ecological Research Station, Dr. CAI Jiangping and coworkers from Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences examined the effects of N and water addition on soil acidification character (9-year effect) and mineral elements transformation in soil-plant system.

tropical timber plantation;trees;evergreen;deciduous;water consumption;

Researchers Investigate Water Consumption of Different Tropical Timber Species[Oct 13, 2017]

Researchers from Plant Physiological Ecology Group of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (XTBG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences studied the whole-tree water use and crown conductance response to vapor pressure deficit in 10 deciduous and 11 evergreen broadleaf timber tree species in a site of Southwest China with a tropical seasonal climate.


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