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rice;cold tolerance;gene bZIP73

New Gene Facilitates Adaptation of Japonica Rice to Cold Climates[Aug 17, 2018]

Scientists from Chinese Academy of Sciences recently identified a gene facilitated adaptation of one kind of rice to cold climates. By combining population genetics, evolutional biology, and molecular biology techniques, Prof. CHU Chengcai and colleagues from Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology identified a critical regulatory gene bZIP73 that may have facilitated the northward expansion of japonica rice by improving its cold stress tolerance.


A Way to Get Green Revolution Crops to Be Productive without Needing So Much Nitrogen[Aug 17, 2018]

A team of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences in China and the University of Oxford in the U.K. has found a way to grow green revolution crops using less nitrogen with no reduction in yield.

climate model;mei-yu rainfall;monsoon

China, UK Scientists Find Coarse Resolution Models Underestimate Future Mei-yu Rainfall[Aug 17, 2018]

China and UK scientists investigated the effect of model resolution on the mei-yu rainfall projection using the Hadley Centre's latest climate model, HadGEM3-GC2. The investigation highlights the needing of high resolution models in future climate change projections.

volcanic eruption;SST;tropical Pacific;ENSO

Volcano Eruptions at Different Latitudes Impact Sea Surface Temperature Differently[Aug 17, 2018]

Scientists from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics investigated the different impacts of northern, tropical and southern volcanic eruptions on the tropical Pacific Sea Surface Temperature. The results are useful for the mitigation and adaptation of climate change after volcanic eruptions and the associated socioeconomic impacts.


Ancient Beetle Discovery Gives Clue to Gymnosperm Pollination[Aug 17, 2018]

Scientists from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology reported a new mid-Cretaceous (99-million-year-old) boganiid beetle with specialized pollen feeding adaptations. This discovery suggests an ancient origin for beetle pollination of cycads long before the rise of flowering plants.

Na-ion battery;cathode material;sodium vanadium fluorophosphate;room-temperature;synthesis

Researchers Find Ways to Synthesize Polyanion-type Electrode Materials at Room Temperature[Aug 17, 2018]

A research group led by Dr. ZHAO Junmei from the Institute of Process Engineering proposed a concept of integration of extraction-separation and material-preparation. They developed a facile one-step room-temperature strategy after putting forward a series of hydro-/solve-thermal synthetic routes for the synthesis of NVPFs.


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