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star formation activity;giant molecular filament;GMF;Galactic molecular cloud;star;interstellar medium

Researchers Investigate Star Formation Activity in the Galactic Giant molecular Filaments[Feb 19, 2019]

Scientists from Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Germany and Purple Mountain Observatory performed a statistical study of star formation activity in the Galactic large-scale filamentary structures that are known as giant molecular filaments (GMFs). This is the first systematic investigation of star forming content towards GMFs.

mesenchymal stem cells;MSC;IGF-2;autoimmune disease

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cure Autoimmune Diseases Through IGF-2-altered Metabolism in Macrophages[Feb 18, 2019]

Previous studies have demonstrated that the immunoregulatory properties of MSCs are not intrinsic, rather tightly regulated by local tissue environment. Recently, researchers from Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health revealed that a low oxygen culture condition could enhance the therapeutic effects of MSCs on autoimmune diseases by up-regulating the secretion of insulin like growth factor-2 (IGF-2).

catalyst;copper;atomic structure

Scientists Identify Atomic Structure of Catalytically Active Copper-Ceria Interface[Feb 19, 2019]

Dr. ZHOU Yan and Prof. SHEN Wenjie at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and their collaborators identified the atomic structure of the catalytically active copper-ceria interface and proposed a copper bilayer model. Moreover, they found that the low-temperature water-gas shift reaction occurred at the copper-ceria interfacial perimeter via a site cooperation mechanism.

Zintl;compound;Zintl phase;low thermal conductivity;inversion domain boundary

Scientists Discover a Promising Thermoelectric Zintl-phase Eu2ZnSb2[Feb 18, 2019]

Zintl compounds are considered to be potential thermoelectric materials due to their "phonon glass electron crystal" (PGEC) structure. A promising Zintl-phase thermoelectric material, 2-1-2–type EuZn2Sb2 (P63/mmc), was prepared and investigated by researchers from Institute of Physics and Harbin Institute of Technology.

terahertz;intense laser pulses;plasma

High-power Lasers Drive Terahertz Pulse Energy to New Record in Laboratory[Feb 18, 2019]

Prof. LI Yutong's groups from Institute of Physics, Prof. ZHANG Jie's group from Shanghai Jiaotong University, in collaboration with scientists abroad, have studied THz radiation from intense laser-metal foil interactions. Using the Vulcan laser at the Central Laser Facility, the record for the highest energy in a single pulse of terahertz radiation has been achieved in the laboratory.

neural mechanism;visual illusion;illusory flow motion

Going with the Flow: Neural Mechanisms Underlying Illusions of Complex-flow Motion[Feb 19, 2019]

Previous studies conducted by researchers the Institute of Neuroscience of Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered what part of the brain illusory activity was most closely linked to. They then studied this issue from a novel perspective by studying the transformation from physical to four illusory flow motions induced by a carefully parametrized Pinna figure at both the perceptual and neuronal level.


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