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stomata;stomatal development;plant;cell division

Scientists Find Precise Control of Terminal Division during Plant Stomatal Development[Aug 21, 2019]

A research group led by Prof. LE Jie at the Institute of Botany found a genetic suppressor of flp stomatal defects. They found that RPA2a, a core subunit of Replication Protein A (RPA) complexes, acted downstream from the core cell cycle genes of CDKB1 to ensure terminal division during stomatal development and the formation of paired guard cells to create functional stomata units.

malicious traffic detection;deep learning;cybersecurity

Researchers Propose Packet-Length-Adjustable Attention Model Based on Bytes Embedding for Smart Cybersecurity[Aug 20, 2019]

Researchers from the Institute of Acoustics proposed an attention model which could process network traffic flow with adjustable length to detect payload-based attacks. Furthermore, they designed a Flow-WGAN (Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks) model to generate new network traffic data from the original data sets to enhance network packet data and protect users' privacy.

infrasound;wave;infrasound ray tracing

Infrasonic Source Altitude Localization Method Based on Infrasound Ray Tracing Propagation Model Proposed[Aug 20, 2019]

Researchers from the Institute of Acoustics proposed an algorithm of infrasonic source altitude localization, and established a theoretical infrasound ray tracing propagation model for the back-projected infrasound propagation trajectory.

SPB stars;high-precision asteroseismology;asteroseismology;slowly pulsating B;SPB

Inner Structure and Evolutionary Status of SPB Star HD 50230 Precisely Determined[Aug 20, 2019]

Scientists from Yunnan Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reported the results about Slowly Pulsating B (SPB) stars. They precisely determined inner structure and evolutionary status of SPB Star HD 50230 through high-precision asteroseismology analysis.

foliar endophytic fungi;FEF;host identity;host species;assemblage;

Host Identity Important in Shaping Foliar Endophytic Fungi Assemblages of Figs[Aug 20, 2019]

The researchers from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden provided evidence that both host species identity and phylogenetic signal played a significant role in the assemblages of foliar endophytic fungi in different Ficus (one of the largest woody genera in the tropics) species.

cooking organic aerosol;black carbon;tracer

Using Black Carbon as Tracer to Track Pollution from Cooking[Aug 20, 2019]

Prof. SUN Yele and his team at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics found that black carbon was a good tracer to separate HOA and COA. By applying the BC tracer method to several datasets in megacities of Beijing and Nanjing, they found that COA contributed 15-27% to total organic aerosol in summer and even more than 10% during heating period with a significant enhancement of coal combustion emissions.


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