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carbon nanomaterial;carbon dioxide reduction;CDRR;fluorine-doped carbon;FC;artificial photosynthesis

Researchers Develop Metal-free Fluorine-Doped Carbon Nanomaterial for Carbon Dioxide Reduction[Oct 23, 2018]

Recently, the research group at Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter of Chinese Academy of Sciences reported an efficient metal-free fluorine doped carbon electrocatalyst for selective CO2 reduction. which could promote the development of cost-effective artificial photosynthesis.

nanoscale;zero-valent iron;lead;composite

Scientists Convert Aquatic Lead through Zero-valent Iron Composite[Oct 23, 2018]

Research group led by Prof.WANG Yin from Institute of Urban Environment firstly synthesized an activated carbon-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron (NZVI/AC) composite at ultralow iron content but with function of safely and high-efficiently converting lead in water.

temperature sensitivity;carbon;nitrogen;soil mocrobial respiration

Inorganic N addition decreases Soil Microbial Respiration but increases Its Temperature Sensitivity in a Temperate Forest[Oct 22, 2018]

Professor Wang Qingkui and his colleagues from the Institute of Applied Ecology conducted an experiment with soils receiving long-term N addition to assess the effects of inorganic and organic nitrogen addition on soil microbial respiration and its temperature sensitivity, and reveal their underlying mechanisms.

EAST;magnetic coherent mode;pedestal;edge-localized mode;divertor particle flux

New Results may Prolong Fusion Reactor Components' Life[Oct 22, 2018]

Recently, scientists with EAST team made an experimental analysis on the low-n magnetic coherent mode (MCM) and the new result they obtained may prolong fusion reactor components' life. In the study, scientists investigated radial distribution and poloidal propagation of the MCM. And they evaluated in detail the temporal evolution of MCM amplitude during large ELM crashes, which suggested that the mode was closely correlated with pedestal buildup.

ultra-precision manufacturing;nanometer shafting system;rotation accuracy;shafting system;nanometer

Scientists Develop Novel System for Ultra-precision Manufacturing[Oct 22, 2018]

Scientists from Institute of Optics and Electronics developed a nanometer Dense Ball Bearing Shafting (DBBS) system, which could be used on many platforms for ultra-precision manufacturing. The DBBS system can limit the radial runout and axial runout accuracy within 0.09μm, and make the roundness of the inner hole of the components within 0.08μm.

hydrogen;electrocatalyst;dual-doping;water;alkaline hydrogen evolution

New Study may Shoot the Trouble in Making Hydrogen out of Water[Oct 22, 2018]

A Chinese team achieved improvement in water splitting and the lab study result they got could shoot long -lasting troubles in the work. The team took cobalt hosphide (CoP) as the model material and demonstrated that a metal and nonmetal dual-doping strategy could simultaneously modulate the three parameters by inducing lattice irregularity and optimizing the electronic configuration in CoP nanomaterials.


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