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polymer particle;surface tension;emulsion interfacial polymerization;Janus particle;chemical and topological anisotropy;

A General Strategy Opens New Avenue for the Large-scale Synthesis of "God" Janus Particles[Jun 28, 2017]

The research team led by Prof. WANG Shutao and Prof. JIANG Lei in Thecnical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (TIPC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) reveals a general emulsion interfacial polymerization strategy opens a new avenue for the large-scale synthesis of “god” Janus particles.

extreme temperature;large scale circulation;extreme weather

Study Identifies Connection Between Large-scale Circulation and Temperature Extremes in Xinjiang[Jun 22, 2017]

Extreme temperature events related to variations in the energy and water cycles have important economic and societal consequences. Scientists at China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region have identified in their recent study the connection between the large scale circulation and the extreme weather events of this region, especially for the typical extreme temperature events.

AgNPs;Spirodela polyrhiza;ROS;Rubisco;photosynthesis

Researcher Reveals the Mechanism of ROS Induced by AgNPs in Macrophyte[Jun 28, 2017]

JIANG Hongsheng, a Ph.D. student from Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, supervised by Prof. LI Wei and Prof. YIN Liyan, investigated the effects of AgNPs to macrophyte. He used chlorophyll fluorescence and enzymology techniques to determine the mechanism of AgNPs toxicity to an aquatic plant Spirodela polyrhiza.

diabetic neuropathy;hyperglycemia;ATG48;central nervous system;CNS

Scientists Uncover New Mechanism of Diabetic Neuropathy[Jun 28, 2017]

Diabetic patients are supposed to suffer greater risks of vascular dementia and Alzheimer disease. However, the mechanism behind is poorly understood. Professor CHEN Chang's group at the Institute of Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences revealed a novel mechanism which links hyperglycemia with CNS neurotoxicity.

ENSO;delayed effects;Northern winter stratosphere

IAP Scientists Find One-year Delayed Effects of ENSO in Extratropical Stratosphere[Jun 28, 2017]

Scientists have identified the robust existence of ENSO’s delayed effects in stratosphere in the next winter after mature ENSO phase, based on multi-reanalysis datasets, CMIP5 model simulations and sensitivity experiments.

climate change;evapotranspiration;Tarim River Basin;global warming

Study Shows Different Actual Evapotranspiration Expectation in Tarim River Basin when Temperature Rises[Jun 27, 2017]

Scientists from Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography (XIEG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found in their recent study on the actual evapotranspiration (ETa) of the Tarim River Basin that, the southwest and northeast may encounter the greatest increases in Eta, when the air temperature rises.


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