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nuclear emergency response;radiation-resistant material;nuclear radiation;robot;China Deploys First Nuclear Emergency Response Robots

Tibet;lake;Qinghai-Tibet Plateau;Tibetan Plateau;climate changeGrowing Pains of Tibet's Largest Lake

foreing award;Compact Muon Solenoid;Higgs boson;CHEN MingshuiIHEP Scientist Wins CMS Young Researcher Prize

China Deploys First Nuclear Emergency Response Robots

China has unveiled its first batch of nuclear emergency response robots, which are designed to ensure the safety of nuclear power plants.

Research News

  • polymer particle;surface tension;emulsion interfacial polymerization;Janus particle;chemical and topological anisotropy;

    Jun 28, 2017

    A General Strategy Opens New Avenue for the Large-scale Synthesis o...

    The research team led by Prof. WANG Shutao and Prof. JIANG Lei in Thecnical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (TIPC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) reveals a general emulsion interfacial polymerization strategy opens a new avenue for the large-scale synthesis of “god” Janus particles.

  • AgNPs;Spirodela polyrhiza;ROS;Rubisco;photosynthesis

    Jun 28, 2017

    Researcher Reveals the Mechanism of ROS Induced by AgNPs in Macrophyte

    JIANG Hongsheng, a Ph.D. student from Wuhan Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, supervised by Prof. LI Wei and Prof. YIN Liyan, investigated the effects of AgNPs to macrophyte. He used chlorophyll fluorescence and enzymology techniques to determine the mechanism of AgNPs toxicity to an aquatic plant Spirodela polyrhiza.

  • ENSO;delayed effects;Northern winter stratosphere

    Jun 28, 2017

    IAP Scientists Find One-year Delayed Effects of ENSO in Extratropic...

    Scientists have identified the robust existence of ENSO’s delayed effects in stratosphere in the next winter after mature ENSO phase, based on multi-reanalysis datasets, CMIP5 model simulations and sensitivity experiments.

Multimedia News

quantum communication;quantum entanglement;Micius

China Announces Breakthrough in Quantum Commu...

Chinese scientists reported the major breakthrough in quantum communication yesterday after transmitting a pair of entangled photons over a distance of 1200km from space to earth...

iron-based superconducting wire;shockwave hypersonic wind tunnel;quantum computer;supercomputer;quantum communication satellite;Micius;FAST;artificial cornea

7 'firsts' in China's sci-tech Achievements i...

China has become the world leader in many aspects of science and technology development over the past five years, shifting from "copied in China" to "created in China".

Systematic Excavation of Dinosaur Fossils Lau...

The Chinese Academy of Sciences and Yanji paleontologic fossil protection and research center have launched a systematic excavation of dinosaur fossils at a building site in Yanji recently.

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