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quantum communication;Micius;QUESSChina's Quantum Communication Satellite to Extend Working Lifetime by Two Yrs: Scientist

Statio Tianhe;landing site;Chang'e-4;Chang'eChang'e-4 Landing Site Named "Statio Tianhe"

Newcomb Cleveland Prize;quantum physics;satellite;quantum entanglement;quantum communicationChinese Quantum Physics Team Honored

China's Quantum Communication Satellite to Extend Working Lifetime by Two Yrs: Scie...

A Chinese researcher said China's satellite Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS) or Micius would work at least two more years beyond its two-year working lifetime and carry out more international cooperation. Yin Juan, a member of the QUESS team who received the annual Newcomb Cleveland Prize in Washington on Thursday night said so in an interview with Xinhua.

Research News

  • star formation activity;giant molecular filament;GMF;Galactic molecular cloud;star;interstellar medium

    Feb 19, 2019

    Researchers Investigate Star Formation Activity in the Galactic Gia...

    Scientists from Max Planck Institute for Astronomy in Germany and Purple Mountain Observatory performed a statistical study of star formation activity in the Galactic large-scale filamentary structures that are known as giant molecular filaments (GMFs). This is the first systematic investigation of star forming content towards GMFs.

  • catalyst;copper;atomic structure

    Feb 19, 2019

    Scientists Identify Atomic Structure of Catalytically Active Copper...

    Dr. ZHOU Yan and Prof. SHEN Wenjie at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and their collaborators identified the atomic structure of the catalytically active copper-ceria interface and proposed a copper bilayer model. Moreover, they found that the low-temperature water-gas shift reaction occurred at the copper-ceria interfacial perimeter via a site cooperation mechanism.

  • Zintl;compound;Zintl phase;low thermal conductivity;inversion domain boundary

    Feb 18, 2019

    Scientists Discover a Promising Thermoelectric Zintl-phase Eu2ZnSb2

    Zintl compounds are considered to be potential thermoelectric materials due to their "phonon glass electron crystal" (PGEC) structure. A promising Zintl-phase thermoelectric material, 2-1-2–type EuZn2Sb2 (P63/mmc), was prepared and investigated by researchers from Institute of Physics and Harbin Institute of Technology.

Multimedia News

quantum communication;Newcomb Cleveland Prize;PAN Jianwei

Chinese Study on Quantum Communication Wins N...

A study on quantum communication made by a 34-member Chinese team has been awarded the 2018 Newcomb Cleveland Prize in the United States...

Toshio Koike;Tibetan Plateau;environmental research

International Scientific Cooperation on Tibet...

For many, Tibet seems like a distant and mysterious land. But a Japanese scientist has been conducting environmental researche there for decades.

CAS Sends Airship to Record Height

The Chinese Academy of Sciences sent an airship to a height more than 6,000 meters above sea level in Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region, on Tuesday after five failed attempts.

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