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forest;coarse woody productivity;temperate mixed forests

Scientists Determine the Main Drivers of Coarse Woody Productivity in Temperate Mixed Forests[Mar 14, 2018]

Base on the ten years forest monitoring data in Changbai Mountain, Associate Prof. YUAN Zuoqiang from the research group of Natural Forest Ecology, Institute of Applied Ecology (IAE), together with his cooperators, evaluated the relative contribution of multiple metrics of tree diversity (taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity and trait composition as well as stand structure attributes), stand initial biomass and soil nutrients on productivity using boosted regression tree (BRT) model.

C-H bond activation;photocatalysis;metal oxides;confinement;N-oxyl radical

C-H Bonds Activated by Confined N-oxyl Radical with Cheap Iron Oxide[Mar 14, 2018]

A research team led by Prof. WANG Feng from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics found photo-induced N-oxyl radical, which was confined on metal oxide surface, could selective achieve the activation of C-H bonds. Researchers reported a novel strategy of photoinduced surface-confined N-oxyl radical for C-H bonds oxidation.

sugar;membrane technology;separation;sucrose

Researchers Produce White Sugar by Integrated Membrane Technology[Mar 13, 2018]

Researchers in the Institute of Process Engineering have conducted pilot-scale tests and systematic process optimization in a number of sugar mills in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces since 2014. Recently, in the IPE pilot plant located in Guangdong Guangken Sugar Co., Ltd., the continuous and stable operation of the integrated membrane filtration system is successfully achieved, and the first batch of white sugar refined by membrane technology in China is obtained.

triterpene;OsOS;orysatinol synthase;

Researchers Reveal Catalytic Mechanism of Triterpene Diversity in Plant[Mar 13, 2018]

Recently, the researchers from Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences and John Innes Centre, UK, demonstrated that the ortholog gene encoding a novel promiscuous OSC, orysatinol synthase (OsOS), was characterized from indica subspecies of rice, and revealed that OsOS synthesizes a novel Chair-Semi-Chair-Chair (C-sC-C) conformational pentacyclic triterpene orysatinol as its main product and over 12 different other triterpenes.


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