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Scientists Develop New Lithium/Carbon Fluoride Battery with High Energy Density

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Recently, a research team led by Profs. LI Xianfeng, ZHANG Huamin, and ZHANG Hongzhang from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a new lithium/carbon fluoride battery with high energy density.

The lithium/carbon fluoride battery was tested by a third-party authority, the Institute of Chemical Power for Light Industry. It reported that the energy density of the advanced 10Ah energy-type lithium/carbon fluoride battery could reach to 940 Wh/kg (1150 Wh/L), which rewrote the energy density record of analogue batteries.

The lithium/carbon fluoride battery had an extremely low self-discharge rate, long shelf life (more than 10 years), no electrolyte corrosion hazard and low work temperature (-40 °C). Therefore it presented a superior performance than lithium/thionyl chloride batteries.

Moreover, the advanced power-type lithium/carbon fluoride battery could achieve the high energy density of 550 Wh/kg at a discharge rate of 1C, demonstrating that it had great potential application value in the electronic devices field.

(Editor: LI Yuan)


WANG Yongjin

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

Phone: 86-411-84374221
E-mail: wangyj@dicp.ac.cn

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