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environmental protection;cross-border;Belt and Road

Environmental Protection Projects in Border Areas[May 16, 2017]

China and other countries are working on cross-border environmental protection along the Belt and Road region. In the Gaoligong Mountains on the China-Myanmar border, a variety of rare species thrive. China has built national and provincial nature reserves there, while Myanmar has two of its own.

deep-sea research;Indo-Pacific;Belt and Road

Experts Propose Plan to Enhance Deep-sea Research Cooperation[May 15, 2017]

Chinese scientists have put forward an ambitious plan at a two-day forum in Qingdao, Shandong province, aimed at boosting the country's deep-sea research. The plan, dubbed the "Indo-Pacific Scientific Initiative", will also work to enhance cooperation with countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Yuegong-1;space cabin;moon

A Cabin on the Moon? China Hones the Lunar Lifestyle[May 11, 2017]

Eight Chinese volunteers will live in "Yuegong-1," a simulated space "cabin" in Beijing for the next year, strengthening China's knowledge and technical know-how, and helping the country's scientists understand exactly what will be required for humans to remain on the moon in the medium and long terms.

Jiaolong;manned submersible;South China Sea

Jiaolong Conducts Last Dive in South China Sea[May 11, 2017]

Jiaolong, China's manned submersible, conducted its ninth and final dive in the South China Sea Wednesday. The maximum depth of the dive was 1,897 meters in the Puyuan Seamount. Three crew in the submersible brought back samples of seawater from near the seabed, sediment, high-definition photographs and video footage.

sea-rice;hybrid rice;rice

Chinese Scientist Plans Mass Experiment of Sea-rice[May 10, 2017]

Yuan Longping, China's "father of hybrid rice," is planning experiments on expanding the production of sea-rice to 300 kilograms per mu at the newly-founded Sea-Rice Research and Development Center in Qingdao, China News reported. The center was established and opened on May 7.

innovation nation;2020;innovation

China Stepping Closer to "Innovative Nation"[May 09, 2017]

A string of achievements including China's first home-grown large passenger jet C919, world's first quantum computing machine in science and technology shows the strategy of innovation-driven development beginning to pay off. Innovation is at the core of the 13th five-year plan which has the objective of becoming an "innovative nation" by 2020, an international leader in innovation by 2030, and a world powerhouse of scientific and technological innovation by 2050.


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