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research vessel;marine research;Haiyang Dizhi

China Unveils Domestic Marine Research Vessel in Guangdong[Jun 29, 2017]

China Wednesday unveiled a new domestically built marine geological survey vessel in south China's Guangdong Province. China now has six marine geological research vessels in service, with plans to put Haiyang Dizhi-10, Haiyang Dizhi-8 and Haiyang Dizhi-9 into active service by the end of the year.

submersible;deep-diving sub;deep-diving;Jiaolong

Global Mission Set for Deep-diving Sub[Jun 26, 2017]

China will begin a global deep-sea scientific exploration mission with its Jiaolong manned deep-sea submersible starting in 2020, an official from the State Oceanic Administration said as the sub returned home on Friday. The grand mission is intended to strengthen China's capability in surveying and researching the deep-sea environment and resources and will earn the nation a bigger say in this field.

Jiaolong;deep sea expedition;submersible

China's Submersible Jiaolong Returns from Deep Sea Expedition[Jun 26, 2017]

Chinese submersible Jiaolong returned to the national deep sea center at east China's Qingdao on Friday, ending a four-month expedition. Scientists have gained a lot of precious samples and data in this expedition, including samples of rocks, large marine life, two lion fish and two unknown species.

super supercomputer;exascale computing machine;supercomputer

China's 3rd Exascale Supercomputer Prototype Set for 2018 Launch[Jun 26, 2017]

China is developing a third prototype exascale computing machine -- also known as a super supercomputer -- and plans to launch it by June 2018, according to the developers. The Sunway exascale computer prototype is being developed by the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering and Technology (NRCPC) and the National Supercomputing Center in Jinan, east China's Shandong Province.

combustible ice;South China Sea

China's Mining of Combustible Ice Beats Expectations[Jun 23, 2017]

China has extracted about 235,000 cubic meters of the combustible ice from the South China Sea, beating previous expectations for the mining operation. China has beaten expectations in completing the trial explorations of combustible ice using local innovations in technology and engineering. It marks a historic breakthrough.


China to Upgrade Submersible Jiaolong Before 2019[Jun 23, 2017]

China plans to upgrade its submersible Jiaolong before 2019, scientists said Thursday. The 39-year-old Xiangyanghong 09 is also set to retire after carrying Jiaolong for hundreds of dives since 2009. A new mothership for Jiaolong is under construction, and is scheduled to be launched around the end of 2018.


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