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antarctic capacity;white paper;Antarctic

Antarctic Capacity Will Be Boosted[May 23, 2017]

China published its first white paper on its Antarctic explorations on Monday, pledging to boost its capabilities in the exploration and study of the continent. The paper says China will build a new permanent station and advanced icebreakers, develop aerial capability for survey and transportation, and design scientific apparatuses for the Antarctic environment. However, it does not elaborate on schedules and details.

expedition station;Antarctica;Changcheng station

Construction to Start on China's 5th Expedition Station in Antarctica[May 23, 2017]

China's fifth expedition station in the South Pole is ready to be built, indicating China's steady progress toward becoming a polar research power. Since 1984, when China first set up Changcheng station in Antarctica, three more stations have followed. The latest one is to be located near the Ross Sea.

fire ice;energy source;South China Sea

Breakthrough Fuels Hopes That Fire Ice is Viable Energy Source[May 22, 2017]

On Thursday, the Ministry of Land and Resources announced that China had become the first country to viably extract gas from methane hydrates. This month's successful trial operations in test drilling and production in the South China Sea extracted an average of 16,000 cubic meters of gas per day in the Shenhu area of the South China Sea. This marks a major step toward the commercial use of so-called flammable ice or fire ice, which presents as ice crystals with natural methane gas locked inside.

hologram;3D glass;nano-hologram

Australian, Chinese Researchers Develop World's Thinnest Hologram[May 22, 2017]

An Australian-Chinese research team has developed the world's thinnest hologram With the collaborative effort between the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology university and the Beijing Institute of Technology, the team designed a nano-hologram that can be seen without three-dimensional (3D) glasses and is 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

combustible ice;energy revolution;South China Sea

China Succeeds in Mining Combustible Ice in South China Sea[May 19, 2017]

China has succeeded in collecting samples of combustible ice in the South China Sea, a major breakthrough that may lead to a global energy revolution, Minister of Land and Resources. This is China's first success in mining flammable ice at sea, after nearly two decades of research and exploration, the minister said at a trial mining site in the Shenhu area of the South China Sea Thursday.

Jiaolong;Northwestern Pacific Ocean

China Begins Deep-sea Research in Northwestern Pacific Ocean[May 17, 2017]

China's manned submersible Jiaolong departed from south China's Shenzhen for deep-sea dives in northwestern Pacific Ocean Tuesday. The ship Xiangyanghong 09 set sail for the Yap and Mariana trenches, with Jiaolong and 96 scientists aboard. The scientists plan to conduct five dives in the Yap Trench to study deep-sea biotic communities and gene resources.


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