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genetically modification;gene editing;pollution;pig;nitrogen pollutant;genetically modified pig

GM Pigs Developed by Chinese Researchers Release Less Pollution: Report[Jun 25, 2018]

Chinese researchers have found that genetically modified (GM) pigs have an improved ability to digest two key nutrients in their feed, which means less manure is released to the environment. Pigs account for more than 60 percent of Chinese people's demand for meat, but they also exert major environmental pressure.

Queqiao;lunar exploration;lunar probe;relay satellite

Queqiao Satellite the Bridge to China's Lunar Exploration[Jun 25, 2018]

If all goes to plan, China will soon make history as the first country to put a lander and a rover on the far side of the moon. Information gleaned from such a mission may answer questions about the universe that we have not even thought to ask yet.

Beidou;navigation satellite;global coverage

Beidou's 3rd Generation Makes Splash[Jun 22, 2018]

Beidou is one of the four space-based navigation networks in operation globally, along with the United States' GPS, Russia's GLONASS and the European Union's Galileo. More than 40,000 fishing boats in China have been equipped with receivers tuned to China's homegrown Beidou Navigation Satellite System.

drilling rig;Crust-1;earth's crust

Researchers Planning Drill Rig Capable of Boring 15 km Hole[Jun 22, 2018]

Researchers plan to develop a drilling rig capable of boring a hole 15,000 meters deep, following up on the success of a domestically developed rig that reached 7,018 meters last month. A deep borehole drilled by the future rig could be used as "a permanent underground observation station".

nuclear university;nuclear industry;nuclear

China to Build First Nuclear Tech University[Jun 21, 2018]

China will build a university dedicated to nuclear technology research to meet the talent demands of the country's nuclear industry. China National Nuclear Corp has reached an agreement with the Tianjin municipal government to jointly invest in a nuclear technology university in Tianjin.

dinosaur footprint;footprint

Fossils of Diverse Dinosaur Footprints Found in East China[Jun 21, 2018]

An international archeological expedition has discovered a site with fossils containing diverse dinosaur tracks in east China's Shandong Province. The team consisting of experts from China, the United States and Australia discovered that more than 300 footprints were left by a large group of dinosaurs during the Cretaceous Period some 120 million years ago.


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