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underwater system;seawater;electricity

New Underwater System Generates Electricity from Seawater[May 21, 2019]

Chinese researchers from the East China Normal University in Shanghai, Shanghai University and the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences in Beijing have developed a low-cost underwater system to generate electricity from seawater, offering a new approach to handle short spikes in power demand and maintain longer-term steady power.

cold vent;South China Sea

Scientists Discover New 'Cold Vent' on Ocean Floor[May 20, 2019]

Chinese scientists discovered an active "cold vent" in the South China Sea during a research voyage that concluded on Thursday. Samples and data of organisms, water, gas and sediments were collected to further the study of the evolution and mechanisms of cold vents, according to the China Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

earth observation;observation center

China to Set up High Resolution Earth Observation Center in Qingdao[May 20, 2019]

China will set up a center for high-resolution Earth observation in the port city of Qingdao to provide satellite data assistance for marine science and technology innovation. The State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the city government of Qingdao, to promote applications of the Gaofen remote sensing satellite data in marine environmental monitoring, maritime rights and interests maintenance and disaster prevention.

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System;BDS;

China Launches New BeiDou Navigation Satellite[May 20, 2019]

China sent a new satellite of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province at 11:48 p.m. Friday. It is the fourth BDS-2 backup satellite and the 45th satellite of the BDS satellite family.


Chinese Researchers Develop New Catalyst for Producing Hydrogen[May 16, 2019]

A Chinese research team led a researcher with Zhejiang University has developed a low-cost catalyst that can help generate hydrogen from water by simulating photosynthesis, a finding expected to drastically reduce the cost of hydrogen power. The finding has been published in the online edition of Nature Communications.

supercomputer center;supercomputer

China to Build New National Supercomputing Center[May 16, 2019]

China will construct a new National Supercomputer Center in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan Province. It will be China's seventh national supercomputer center. The construction of the new supercomputing center is scheduled to be finished in 2020. It will be capable of performing 100 petaflops per second.


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