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World's First Cloned Monkeys Turn Three Months Old

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[video:20180307-World's first cloned monkeys turn three months old]


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Feb 01, 2018

Sun Qiang has loved the story of the Monkey King since childhood. He envies the monkey's duplication magic from which it can create himself from strands of his hair. Now 45-year-old Sun, director of the non-human-primate research facility affiliated to...

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Chinese Scientists First Clone Monkeys with Somatic Cells

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A report out today by the scientific journal Cell says China has successfully cloned two macaques from somatic cells with the same method used to clone Dolly the Sheep in 1990s.

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Macaque Cloning Breakthrough Offers Hope against Human Illnesses

Jan 25, 2018

China on Thursday announced it successfully cloned world' s first macaques from somatic cells by method that made Dolly. It makes research with customizable populations of genetically uniform monkeys a possibility.

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