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DAMPE;Wukong;dark matter;cosmic ray electron flux;cosmic ray

First Finding of China's DAMPE May Shed Light on Dark Matter Research[Nov 30, 2017]

The DArk Matter Particle Explorer mission presented the precise measurement of cosmic ray electron flux, especially a spectral break at ~0.9 TeV. The data may shed light on the annihilation or decay of particle dark matter.

dark energy;cosmic expansion;galaxy;baryon acoustic oscillations;galaxy formation;low-alpha abundance stars

Chinese Scientists Measure Universe with "magic ruler"[Oct 31, 2017]

There's a giant "ruler" hidden among millions of galaxies in the universe. With it, scientists can measure how fast the universe is expanding. This will help them explore dark energy, the mysterious power behind cosmic expansion, and so speculate on the universe's destiny. With this ruler, Chinese astronomers recently succeeded in reconstructing the evolution history of dark energy based on the observation of over a million galaxies. The research shows that dark energy is dynamic.

FAST;Five hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope;pulsar

Two New Pulsars Discovered using FAST - World’s Largest Single Dish Radio Telescope[Oct 10, 2017]

Chinese scientists announced their first discoveries of two new pulsars in the Southern Galactic plane, with the Five hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), world’s largest single dish radio telescope, on Oct. 10 in Beijing.

CSNS;neutron;neutron beam;China Spallation Neutron Source

First Neutron Beam Produced: A Milestone for CSNS[Sep 01, 2017]

A neutron beam was produced at the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) for the first time on August 28. The achievement is a milestone for the CSNS project as it marks the completion of main construction and the start of the test operation phase.

quantum;QUESS;Micius;quantum communication

China's Satellite Sends Unbreakable Cipher from Space[Aug 10, 2017]

Chinese scientists have become the first to realize quantum key distribution from a satellite to the ground, laying the foundation for building a hack-proof global quantum communication network. The achievement based on experiments conducted with the world's first quantum satellite, Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS), was published in the authoritative academic journal Nature on Thursday.

steady-state high confinement plasma;EAST

EAST Achieves 100s World Record Steady-state High Performance Plasma[Jul 05, 2017]

EAST superconducting tokamak made an advance in achieving a stable 101.2-second steady-state high confinement plasma, setting a world record in long-pulse H-mode operation on the night of July 3rd.


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