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nitrogen;agricultural soil;vegetable;microbe;ammonia oxidizer

Scientists Find Effects of a Nitrification Inhibitor on the Abundance of Ammonia Oxidizers and Denitrifiers[Mar 21, 2019]

Dr LI Jie, a researcher of Institute of Applied Ecology, conducted a research to assess the impacts of DMPP on N2O emissions, ammonia oxidizers and denitrifying microbes in two different durations of intensive vegetable cultivation soils (cultivated 1 year and 29 years).

terrestrial water storage;predictability;benchmark skill

Scientists Propose a New Benchmark Skill for Decadal Prediction of Terrestrial Water Storage[Mar 21, 2019]

Scientists from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics found that improving observation to reduce the uncertainty of initial hydrological conditions was an effective way to improve Terrestrial water storage prediction over arid and semiarid regions at 1-4 years lead.

Fe‐Mg interdiffusion;water;mantle transition zone

Scientists Reveal Significant Influence of Water on Fe–Mg Interdiffusion in Ringwoodite[Mar 21, 2019]

Prof. ZHANG Baohua from the Institute of Geochemistry, in collaboration with Prof. Yoshino from the Institute of Planetary Materials, explored the effect of water on Fe-Mg interdiffusion in ringwoodite. They measured the Fe-Mg interdiffusion rates in ringwoodite aggregates as a function of temperature, composition and water contents at 20 GPa and 1373-1673 K by the diffusion couple method.


New Cretaceous Fossil Sheds Light on Avian Reproduction[Mar 20, 2019]

A team of scientists led by Alida Bailleul and Jingmai O’Connor from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology reported the first fossil bird ever found with an egg preserved inside its body. The preserved egg allows the specimen to be unequivocally identified as female, allowing scientists to test current hypotheses regarding sexual dimorphism (differences between genders).

carbon nanodisk;drug delivery;fluorescence imaging;tumor accumulation;cancer therapy

A Chinese-American Team Synthesizes Biconcave Carbon Nanodisks for Cancer Therapy[Mar 20, 2019]

A Chinese-American joint research team developed a type of biconcave carbon nanodisk with higher tumor accumulation to enhance the anticancer drug function. In this study, biconcave carbon nanodisk has been synthesized to address the tumor accumulation of nanocarrier.

frequency locking;intensity normalization;wavelength modulation spectroscopy;laser

A New Method Realizes High Performance of Gas Sensor in Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy[Mar 20, 2019]

A Chinese research group at Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM), developed a novel method of laser frequency locking and intensity normalization for wavelength modulation spectroscopy (WMS), which significantly improves the stability and sensitivity of the WMS based gas sensor. The proposed method has a potential application in long-term trace gas measurement.


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