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earthquake;fiber optic gyroscope;environment sensitivity

Earthquake Detected with Fiber Optic Gyroscope at NTSC[Sep 17, 2018]

An M 5.3 earthquake occurred at 19:06:34 on September 12, 2018 in Ningqiang, Hanzhong city, Shaanxi province, China. It was successfully recorded by the fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) at National Time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with ~85 seconds delay after the initial earthquake.


N Fertilization and Maize Straw Amendment Affect the Transformation and Fate of Fertilizer N in Black Soil of Northeast China[Sep 17, 2018]

To enhance fertilizer nitrogen use efficiency and reduce nitrogen losses, fertilization practices should be developed to regulate the transformation and release processes of fertilizer N for enhancing N retention in the soil and its availability for subsequent crops. Dr. LU Caiyan, a researcher from Institute of Applied Ecology, has evaluated the effects of N inputs rate and maize straw amendment on the transformation and fate of fertilizer N by 15N-labeled outdoor pot experiment.


Scientists Capture Parent Lightning Strokes of Sprites[Sep 14, 2018]

A research team from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics reported the location results for the parent lightning strokes of more than 30 red sprites observed over an asymmetric mesoscale convective system (MCS) on July 30, 2015 in Shandong Province, China, with a long-baseline lightning location network of very-low-frequency/low-frequency magnetic field sensors.


Scientists Review Bio-based Production of Biofuels[Sep 14, 2018]

Prof. ZHOU Yongjin from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, along with his collaborators, reviewed the barriers and opportunities in bio-based production of hydrocarbon biofuels. The review emphasized that biological and chemical processes should collaborate by taking their own advantages, which would facilitate the feasible route toward sustainable production hydrocarbons and even other chemicals.


Scientists Discover Personalized Therapeutic Solutions for EZH2-aberrant Solid Tumors[Sep 14, 2018]

In a recent study published in Cell, scientists at the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica made progress in revealing the mechanism that essentially determines the therapeutic response to EZH2 inhibitors and proposed biomarker-guided therapeutic solutions for EZH2-aberrant solid tumors.

oil recovery;reservoir;corn;biopolymer;

Oil Reservoir Indigenous Biopolymers Enhance Oil Recovery[Sep 14, 2018]

Dr. ZHAO Feng, together with other researchers from Institute of Applied Ecology has collected brine samples from oil reservoirs of Xinjiang oilfield, China. They aimed to isolate oil reservoir indigenous biopolymer producers and evaluate the biopolymer production. The biopolymer product was extracted and characterized. Its rheological properties were also investigated. The enhanced oil recovery potential was also investigated by core flooding experiments.


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