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phosphorus accumulation;phosphorus cycling;agriculture;environmental quality;subtropics

Mysteries Between Human Activities and Environmental Factors[Mar 12, 2018]

Based on statistical data, through uncertainty analysis and variation partitioning analysis, researchers from China Agricultural University and the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture estimated the NAPI and determined the SAP content in eight counties in subtropical China from 1980 to 2010.

catalysis;aerobic ammoxidation;chemoselectivity;MnOx;carboxylate modifier

Carboxylate Modifier Controls Selectivity for Manganese Oxide Catalyst[Mar 12, 2018]

Recently, a research group led by Prof. XU Jie from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics reported a green modified manganese oxide surface with carboxylates. It could tune the selectivity of ammoxidation toward the desired products. Researchers focused on the design and the preparation of organic modified catalysts and their applications in oxidation reactions.

smog;air;pollution;air cleaner;PM2.5

China Tests Giant Air Cleaner to Combat Smog[Mar 12, 2018]

A 60-metre-high chimney stands among a sea of high-rise buildings in one of China’s most polluted cities. But instead of adding to Xian’s smog, this chimney is helping to clear the air. The outdoor air-purifying system, powered by the Sun, filters out noxious particles and billows clean air into the skies. Chinese scientists who designed the prototype say that the system could significantly cut pollution in urban areas in China and elsewhere.

hydrophilicity;catalytic performance;SiC;

How Hydroxyl Groups Boost Catalytic Activity in CO2 Hydrogenation into Methanol[Mar 07, 2018]

Exploring the influence of hydrophilicity on catalytic performance at the atomic level has great potential in developing highly efficient catalysts. Recently, Prof. ZENG Jie's group at University of Science and Technology of China of Chinese Academy of Sciences demonstrated at the atomic level how hydrophilicity of SiC quantum dots boosts their catalytic activity in CO2 hydrogenation via the involvement of hydroxyl species.

axion;quantum sensor;new particle;particle physics

Do Axions Exist? The Question Will Be Answered Very Soon[Mar 07, 2018]

Recently, Prof. DU Jianfeng's group at the University of Science and Technology of China of Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a method that extends the investigation range deeper into smaller scales, that is, shorter than 20μm, which may lead to the detection of many more new particles. The solution proposed was to investigate the electron–nucleon monopole–dipole interactions.

Electrical Impedance Tomography;EIT;medical imaging

A Sharp Eye on Medication: Progress in Electrical Impedance Tomography[Mar 01, 2018]

Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is basically developed from different electrical impedance of different tissues in a living body under different functional states. Recently, the research group at University of Science and Technology of China of Chinese Academy of Sciences realized EIT with high resolution and robustness, which will open a new window for clinical medicine.


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