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waste carton;spherical carbon;zero-valent iron nanoparticles;Cr(VI)

Waste Carton Works to Fight Against Environmental Pollution, Opening Eyes to Its Cyclic Utilization[May 16, 2018]

Researchers were surprised to find that waste carton could play some role in fighting against environmental pollution by removing hexavalent Chromium, one kind of heavy metal. In a recent study, Chinese scientists were surprised to realize the dream by cyclic utilization of waste carton.

gas emission;multiple- gas composition monitoring system;volatile organic compounds

Scientists Develop Multiple-gas Composition Monitoring System[]

Chinese scientists from Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics completed an effective Multiple-Gas Composition Monitoring System, which is developed to target at Chemical Industry Park. Scientists led the study and independently develop the system.

climate change;Paris Agreement;Africa;warming

Pay-backs to Africa from Temperature Targets of Paris Agreement[May 16, 2018]

Scientsits from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics investigated potential benefits to Africa of limiting global warming to 1.5°C instead of 2°C. The study suggests that continued efforts to limit warming to 0.5 °C lower than 2°C offer substantial paybacks in terms of reducing heat extremes and their associated socio-economic impacts across Africa.

carbon nanotube;transparent conductive film;SWCNT

Chinese Scientists Produce High-performance Carbon Nanotube Transparent Conductive Films[May 15, 2018]

In a recent study, the researchers from Institute of Metal Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the collaborators synthesized a single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT) thin films composed of isolated SWCNTs with carbon-welded joints for transparent conductive films (TCFs) by an injection floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition method.

herbicide;agriculture;environment;LCHP;controlled-release pesticide

Researchers Realize Highly Effective and Environmental-friendly Herbicide by Its Light-responsively Property[May 15, 2018]

A research team led by WU Zhengyan from Hefei Institutes of Physical Science developed a new kind of light-responsive herbicide with high efficiency but low cost. They used a nanocomposite to develop a light-responsively controlled-release herbicide particle (LCHP), which means the release of the herbicide depends on its radiation of UV-Vis.

mapping;road network;biodiversity loss;primary forest;Indo-Malaysian region

Major Factor to Forest Loss across Indo-Malaysian Region: Uncontrolled Expansion of Roads[May 15, 2018]

Dr. Alice Hughes of Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden mapped out the road data in Indo-Malaysian region. The results showed that the uncontrolled expansion of roads across the Indo-Malaysian region is a major contributory factor behind regional forest loss.


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