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Fe-bearing amphibole;electrical conductivity;conductivity anomaly;subduction zone;continental crust

New Explanation for High Conductivity Anomalies in Subduction Zones and Continental Crust[Jul 16, 2018]

Dr. HU Haiying from the research team led by Prof. DAI Lidong from the Institute of Geochemistry measured the electrical property of Fe-bearing amphibole at conditions of 0.5-1.5 GPa and 623-113 K. The results provide a new and alternative explanation for the high conductivity anomalies in continental mid-crust and subduction zones.

chili pepper;tree shrew;primate;capsaicinoids

Tree Shrew Tolerance for Spicy Foods Unlocked by Researchers[Jul 13, 2018]

Researchers accidentally observed tree shrews directly and actively consuming chili peppers, despite the deep geographic isolation between the animal and the food. To understand this tolerance for spicy food, they performed genomic and functional analyses on the tree shrew and its TRPV1.

field investigation;Karakorum region;glacier;glacier basin

Sino-Pakistan Karakorum Glacier Basin Field Investigation Completed[Jul 12, 2018]

A joint field investigation by China and Pakistan in the glacier basin of Karakorum regions was successfully completed on June 30. Scientists from Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography (XIEG) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Climate Center of China and Pakistan Meteorological Department investigated ice and snow automatic monitoring facilities in the Chitral River basin and collected data there.

climate change;Gilgit region;HUC

XIEG Will Lead Research on Climate Change in Gilgit Region of Pakistan[Jul 12, 2018]

Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography will start a project on climate change-related researches in the Gilgit region of Pakistan, jointly with two Pakistani research institutions. Climate change has an increasing influence on the stability of fragile mountain ecosystems and the livelihoods of mountain people.

potato;hydrophobic nano silica;sprouting;α-Solanine;storage

Wow! A "Raincoat" Makes Potatoes Remain Fresh Much Longer[Jul 12, 2018]

Potato, a major food material, plays an essential part in daily life all over the world. However, it tends to sprout during its not very long storage. Chinese Scientists developed an eco-friendly and low-cost method to help potato remain fresh longer for inhibiting it sprouting, according to a recent study by Prof. WU Zhengyan and his team in Hefei Institutes of Physical Science.

pressure;temperature;nitrogen;atmosphere;metallic fluid

Extreme Pressures and Temperatures Turn Nitrogen Metallic[Jul 12, 2018]

New research indicates that nitrogen, one of the most-common elements in the Universe and the dominant gas in the atmosphere of Earth, becomes a metallic fluid when subjected to the extreme pressure and temperature conditions found deep inside the Earth and other planets.


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