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quantum computin;semiconductor;quantum processor

Semiconductor: A New Contender for Scalable Quantum Computing[Mar 22, 2019]

Quantum computing has been the focus for the next-generation technology in the last decades. Researchers from University of Science and Technology of China reviewed recent developments of qubits based on semiconductors and discussed the challenges and opportunities for scalable quantum computing.

microalgae;carbon dioxide;tolerance

Scientists Turn Back Evolutionary Clock to Develop High-CO2-tolerant Microalgae[Mar 22, 2019]

A team of scientists led by Prof. XU Jian from the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology and Prof. Ansgar Poetsch from Ruhr University developed a way to improve the tolerance to high level of CO2 in the industrial oil-producing microalgae Nannochloropsis.

fruit color;plant;plant dispersal

Chinese Researchers Discover Fruit Color Relevant to Plant Evolution[Mar 22, 2019]

Chinese researchers have revealed that different fruit colors are significant to the large-scale dispersal, distribution and diversification of plants. The discovery is based on a study of more than 280 different fruit colors of Gaultherieae that distribute around the Pacific, conducted by a research team led by Li Dezhu and Wang Hong from the Kunming Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

energy;fuel (non-petroleum);pollution;remediation

Plant Scraps Are the Key Ingredient in Cheap, Sustainable Jet Fuel[Mar 22, 2019]

Scientists in China have developed a process for converting plant waste from agriculture and timber harvesting into high-density aviation fuel. Their research may help reduce CO2 emissions from airplanes and rockets. Cellulose, the main component in the biofuel, is a cheap, renewable, and highly abundant polymer that forms the cell walls of plants.

binary;neutron star merger;observation

The Structured Jet Discovered in A Binary Neutron Star Merger[Mar 06, 2019]

Recently, Science published the latest global Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) observations, that is, the radio jet was detected in the electromagnetic counterpart of the binary neutron stars merger. Researchers from the Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory and the Chinese VLBI Network participated in the joint research together and played an important role.

smart manufacturing solution;edge computing;cloud technology;manufacturing solution;manufacturing system;manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Solution of Edge Computing and Cloud Platform Developed by SIACAS in Partnership with SAP[Mar 21, 2019]

A "smarter" manufacturing solution combining edge computing technology and cloud platform was recently developed by researchers from Shenyang Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and SAP, a German company specializes in enterprise application software.


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