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Ni3FeN nanoparticle;Co,N-codoped carbon nanoframes;oxygen reduction reaction;oxygen evolution reaction;rechargeable zinc-air batteries

Researchers Develop 3D Carbon Nanoframe Scaffold-immobilized Ni3FeN Nanoparticle Eletrocatalysts for Rechargeable Zinc-Air Batteries[Sep 13, 2017]

Prof. ZHANG Tierui and co-workers from Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, demonstrated the first successful construction of a Ni3FeN/Co,N-CNF hybrid electrocatalyst, comprising 14 nm Ni3FeN particles immobilized on a Co,N-doped carbon nanoframe (Co,N-CNF) support.

basalt fibre;fibre-reinforced polymer;pyrolytic carbon coating;fibre

Scientists Develop Conducting Basalt Fibre[Sep 13, 2017]

Basalt fibre has various applications in the fields such as filtration, civil engineering, and fibre-reinforced polymers. A research group led by Prof. MA Pengcheng at Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences collaborating with scientist at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden in Germany utilized BF as a substrate to deposit/grow various carbon-based nanoparticles on fibre surface.


Floury3, a Newly Found Regulator for Maize Endosperm Development and Filling[Sep 13, 2017]

Highly abundant ribosomal proteins are required to achieve high-efficiency functioning of the protein translation machinery in the maize endosperm. Recently, Dr. WU Yongrui and his colleagues at Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology of Chinese Academy of Sciences reported a maize classic endosperm-specific mutant floury3 (fl3) through genetic cloning and functional characterization.

shapeable electrode; Ultra-high loading; Lithium sulfur batteries; Lithium ion batteries;extensive materials options;battery;electrode

Novel Method to Prepare Electrodes: Achieving Flexible Batteries[Sep 12, 2017]

The research group of Energy Storage Technology Research Department, which is led by ZHANG Huamin, LI Xianfeng and ZHANG Hongzhang from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has firstly prepared the flexible electrodes boased on 0-D nanoparticle with controllable shapes successfully.

DNA methylation;epigenetic regulation;left-right asymmetry

Scientists Find Epigenetic Regulation of Left-right Asymmetry by DNA Methylation[Sep 12, 2017]

Using zebrafish as a model, the Hematopoiesis and Cardiovascular Development Group from Institute of Zoology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by Prof. LIU Feng, found that loss of dnmt1 or dnmt3bb.1 disrupts laterality of organs including heart, pancreas, and liver.


DICP Scientists Reveal Lead-Free Perovskite Nanocrystals Photophysical Mechanism[Sep 11, 2017]

Scientists HAN Keli et al. from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), synthesized a new lead-free Cs3Bi2Br9 NCs and revealed the photophysical mechanism of it.The results were published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.


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