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Researchers Find Importance of Long Noncoding RNA-EMS[Aug 19, 2019]

A research team led by Prof. MEI Yide from University of Science and Technology of China of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reported the long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) E2F1 messenger RNA (mRNA) stabilizing factor (EMS) as a direct c-Myc transcriptional target.

session;recommendation;graph neutral network

Researchers Develop a Novel Session-based Recommendation with Graph Neural Networks[Aug 19, 2019]

Researchers from the Center for Research on Intelligent Perception and Computing, Institute of Automation and their collaborators proposed and publicized a session-based recommendation system with graph neural networks, SR-GNN in brevity.

near-infrared light;controlled-release;photothermal;biochar; Herbicide

Near-infrared Light-responsively Controlled-release Herbicide Developed Using Biochar As Photothermal Agent[Aug 19, 2019]

A research team from Hefei Institutes of Physical Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences managed to develop a near-infrared light-responsively controlled-release herbicide to reduce pesticide loss and then to increase the utilization efficiency.


Scientists Develop Tunable 3D Light Trapping Architectures for Ultrasensitive SERS Detection[Aug 19, 2019]

A research team led by Dr. CHEN Ming from the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology reported a high performance semiconductor-based SERS substrate based on self-assembled SnSe2 nanoplate arrays. The researchers demonstrated that SnSe2 nanoplate arrays (NPAs) via self-assembled growth could serve as a uniform, high performance and reliable SERS substrate.

mineral fertilizer;straw;paddy soil

Split Mineral Fertilizer Application Decreases Straw Mineralization and Priming Effect in Paddy Soil[Aug 19, 2019]

Researchers from the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture quantified the decomposition of 13C-labeled straw and the priming effect governed by the N and P fertilizer application pattern during a 100-day experiment in a flooded soil and discovered that the split N and P addition decreased straw mineralization and priming effect of a paddy soil.

CHIRPS;MSWEP;Qinghai-Tibet plateau

Scientists Evaluate Accuracy of Two Daily-Precipitation Products over Qinghai-Tibet Plateau[Aug 16, 2019]

A research group from Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources evaluated the accuracy of two long-term satellite-based quantitative rainfall estimate products in daily scale by comparing them with 104 rain gauges over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.


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