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GPCR;rhodopsin;Gi;cryo-electron microscopy; signal transduction

Scientists Make a Major Breakthrough in Signal Transduction of GPCR[Jun 22, 2018]

Using cryo-electron microscopy, a joint research group led by Dr. H. Eric XU, a professor from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica.has determined the structure of a molecular complex that is responsible for regulating vital physiological function.

sound;silencer;sound absorber

Clues to Design Sound Absorbers for Noise Reduction in Intense Sound Environments[Jun 22, 2018]

Researcher PENG Feng from the Institute of Acoustics proposed a semi-empirical model to predict the sound absorption of an acoustical absorber consisting of a porous material with a perforated facing at high sound pressure levels. The developed model and proposed guidelines have potential values in designing this type of absorber in intense sound environments.

model assessment;climate modelling;fidelity

Researchers Work toward Systematic Assessment of Climate Models[Jun 25, 2018]

A research team, based at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), published the results of an international survey designed to assess the relative importance climate scientists assign to variables when analyzing a climate model’s ability to simulate real-world climate.

deuterium; helium; retention; RAFMs

New Mechanism Revealed to Enhance Performance of Key Components in Fusion Reactors[Jun 22, 2018]

Dr. ZHOU Haishan and his team , working with Institute of Plasma Physics, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, have been studying on the suppressing of hydrogen isotopes retention in RAFM steel for years. Recently, they found that the deeply pre-injected He can reduce H bulk trapping, whereas the surface damage induced by He significantly increase H retention.

junin virus;infection;GP1;JUNV;nAbs

Scientists Provide Therapeutic Candidates for Protection against JUNV Infection[Jun 22, 2018]

Junin virus (JUNV) is the pathogen of Argentine haemorrhagic fever which results in high lethality, while there is limited therapeutics available. In a recent study from research group led by Prof. XIAO Gengfu in Wuhan Institute of Virology, a series of mAbs were isolated based on a newly established strategy, and five were proven to effectively neutralize JUNV. Further research has characterized their abilities of binding conformational GPC and affinities for GP1.

Mg isotope;mineral;solution

Scientists Explain Discrepancies of Mg Isotope Fractionation between Minerals and Solutions[Jun 22, 2018]

A research team led by Prof. LIU Yun from the Institute of Geochemistry used volume variable cluster model (VVCM), a newly designed method, to investigate equilibrium Mg isotope fractionations between Mg-bearing minerals and solutions. The study provides a base to understand the accumulating Mg isotope data.


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