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nanocluster;crystallographic closest packing;single crystal X-ray crystallography;SCXC;crystal structure

The Fourth Crystallographic Closest Packing in the Gold Nanocluster Crystal Found in ISSP[Apr 26, 2017]

Very recently, Chinese researchers found a crystallographic closest packing-6H left-handed helical arrangement, which represents a novel crystallographic closest packing since the report of the third one (4H arrangement) that found in bulk Ag in 1979 (the first two are well-known fcc and hcp arrangement).

red painter;bio-active chemicals;color change;plant;Chinese tallow;maple

New Magic: Maple Could Turn Red All Seasons[Apr 26, 2017]

Now, WU Lifang's team from Institute of Technical Biology & Agriculture Engineering, Hefei institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, announced they could present this magic by a new invention that they called "Red painter". And their technology is in its application for the Chinese patent.


Unique Features of mRNA Quality Control Pathway Uncovered in Ciliated Protozoa[Apr 26, 2017]

Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) is an important mRNA quality control pathway that ensures efficient degradation of transcript with premature termination codons (PTC). Researchers from Dr. MIAO Wei's lab at Institute of Hydrobiology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, made the first attempt to take the advantage of transcriptome sequencing and mass spectrometry-based proteomics to uncover the unique and conserved aspects of NMD pathway in ciliated protozoan Tetrahymena thermophila.

working memory;WM;schizophrenia;dynamic causal modeling

First-episode Schizophrenia Patients Showed Impaired WM Modulation of Frontoparietal Network Connectivity[Apr 26, 2017]

In a recent study conducted by Dr. ZHOU Yuan and her collaborators, Dr. Kristoffer H. Madsen from Technical University of Denmark, Prof. Karl J. Friston from University College London, and Prof. LIU Zhening from Mental Health Institute of the Second Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, addressed this issue by applying dynamic causal modeling (DCM) on a WM dataset.

Jinshui River;nitrogen pollution;isotopic enrichments;water quality;headwaters

Soure Identification of N in Riverine System Promotes Sustainable Watershed Management[Apr 26, 2017]

Under the supervision of Professor ZHANG Quanfa, PhD student YUAN Jie from Wuhan Botanical Garden analyzed the N pollution and traced the sources of nitrate and suspended organic Nin the Jinshui River-a tributary of Han River.

plant productivity;precipitation;grassland;foliar nitrogen concentration

No Stimulation on Plant Productivity after Long-term Experimental Precipitation Increase in a Typical Temperate Grassland, Northern China[Apr 25, 2017]

Prof. FANG Yunting's lab and Prof. JIANG Yong's lab from the Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaborating with Prof. HAN Xingguo's team from the Institute of Botany, therefore, designed a long-term field experiment to explore the decadal trend in the effects of water and N addition on net primary production in the world's largest remaining temperate grassland in northern China.


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