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Bacteria Use Their Enemy – Phage – for "Self-recognition"[Apr 23, 2019]

Scientists discovered that cells can distinguish themselves from closely related competitors through the use of a virus, and the harboring of phage in bacterial genomes benefits host cells when facing competitors in the environment.

training program;BSL-4;laboratory

Scientists Design A Training Program for BSL-4 Laboratory Users[Apr 22, 2019]

In a recent study, the team led by Prof. YUAN Zhiming in Wuhan Institute of Virology designed a training program for BSL-4 laboratory users that follows local, national, and international guidelines and regulations. Their program ensures the safety and security of staff involved in research at the Wuhan BSL-4 laboratory.

predictability;Lyapunov exponent;initial states

Predictability: Forward and Backward[Apr 23, 2019]

Two types of predictability are proposed—forward and backward predictability—and then applied in the nonlinear local Lyapunov exponent approach to the Lorenz63 and Lorenz96 models to quantitatively estimate the local forward and backward predictability limits of states in phase space.

soil;frozen saline sandy soil;pressure melting

Mechanical Properties of Frozen Saline Coarse Sandy Soil Revealed[Apr 22, 2019]

A research group led by Prof. LAI Yuanming from the Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources explored the effects of particle breakage, pressure melting, shear dilation and strain softening or hardening on the frozen saline coarse sandy soil, to develop a phenomenological elastoplastic constitutive model of frozen saline sandy soil.

base editor;CRISPR-Cas9;genome editing;molecular engineering

To BE or not to BE, That Is the Question[Apr 19, 2019]

In an article published in Nature Biotechnology, researchers from CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology, Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, and ShanghaiTech University, commented three recent studies about accuracy of base editing.

acoustic carpet cloak;underwater;device

Researchers Develop New Underwater Acoustic Carpet Cloak Based on Fluid-like Solid[Apr 19, 2019]

Researcher YANG Jun and his team from the Institute of Acoustics designed an underwater acoustic carpet cloak by penta-mode meta-fluid material, which is a kind of solid structure with fluid-like acoustic property where only the longitudinal wave can exist. This work has potential application values in underwater acoustic detection.


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