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laser;fuel cell;nano alloy;spongy;high-index facet;grain boundaries and lattice distortion;methanol oxidation reaction

Chinese Researchers Enables New Material to Improve Fuel Cells[Aug 16, 2018]

Chinese researchers developed a new nano-alloy material to improve performance of fuel cells. The research team led by Prof. LI Yue in Institute of solid State Physics developed a novel laser-irradiation route to prepare monodispersed spongy AuAgPt ternary alloy nanospheres (spongy AuAgPt NSs).

polymer particle;glycopeptide separation;nanopore;biomarker

Efficient Glycopeptide Separation Achieved by Interfacially Polymerized Polymer Particles[Aug 16, 2018]

Researchers from the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry recently developed an emulsion interfacial polymerization approach to synthesize polymer particles with hydrophilic-hydrophobic heterostructured surfaces and two-dimensional Janus film actuators.

crop yield;less fertilizer;GRF4;nitogen metabolism

Plant Sciences: Breeding the Top of the Crops[Aug 16, 2018]

FU Xiangdong from the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, together with colleagues, surveyed differences in nitrogen uptake in green revolution varieties of rice. They reported that elite crops could be bred to maintain their current high yields with less fertilizer.

trehalose;basal defense;Arabidopsis thaliana;metabolism;pathogens

Trehalose Affects A. thaliana Basal Defense Responses[Aug 15, 2018]

Trehalose is a natural sugar that is important for plant development and abiotic stress tolerance. It is an important metabolic signal that regulates gene expression and is associated with diverse processes in plants. Researchers from Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden conducted a study to analyze the function of a class II TPS (trehalose 6-phospate synthase) and the role of trehalose metabolism in plant defense responses.

Bose-Einstein condensates;quantum;chiral supersolid;spin-orbit coupling

New Findings Help Understand Spin-orbit Coupling and Supersolid Phenomena[Aug 15, 2018]

A research group led by researcher ZHANG Shougang from the National Time Service Center investigated the ground-state quantum phases of Bose gases with spin-orbit coupling and soft-core long-range interactions. Their findings provide a new understanding of spin-orbit coupling and the supersolid phenomena, and opens up a new direction for the exploration and discovery of novel quantum states.

climate change;cotton bollworm;late spring cold

Climate Change Matters: Cotton Bollworm Rampant with Less Late Spring Cold Occurrences[Aug 14, 2018]

Climate change may favour destructive agricultural pest and bring harm to crops in temperate regions, a recent study by scientists from Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography showed. Using model simulations, XIEG researcher LIU Zhaozhi and his group explored the relationships between LSC parameters and moth population dynamics.


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