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First User Sample Experiment Completed at CSNS

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The first user sample experiment was completed at the General-Purpose Powder Diffractometer (GPPD) of the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) on February 14, 2018, marking the successful calibration of the instrument.

The experiment was conducted during the second joint commissioning period. The first sample for the experiment was a new type of lithium-ion battery material. The reliability factors (Rp = 1.81, Rwp = 2.76) obtained from the preliminary refinement showed the high quality and reliability of the data collected.

Using the experimental results, the GPPD team successfully identified the position of the lighter lithium and oxygen atoms in the lithium-ion battery material, which was consistent with the material element analysis and the theoretical structure model.

The GPPD at CSNS is useful for a wide range of structural studies, especially for users to determine crystallographic and magnetic structures. Such a neutron instrument, often described as a “super microscope”, allows scientists worldwide to study materials at the atomic level and produce research outputs that are best-in-class both in terms of socioeconomic impact and scientific breakthroughs.

The GPPD team continued to carry out high-precision instrument calibration during the Spring Festival holiday. They plan to conduct user sample experiments step by step, preparing for future operation and opening to users.


(Editor: LIU Jia)


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