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China's First Remote Sensing Satellite Ready for Launch

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Northeast China's Jilin Province plans to launch the Jilin-1, the country's first indigenous remote sensing satellite for commercial use, in October. We went to the provincial capital Changchun to see how the final preparations were going.

Northeast China 

Northeast China's Jilin Province plans to launch the Jilin-1, the country's first indigenous remote sensing satellite for commercial use, in October. 

China is actively exploring opportunities to boost development in the commercial satellite sector. In less than a month's time, the country's first commercial remote sensing satellite will be sent into space. Here in Changchun, technicians are making the final preparations.

"After the final assembly, we've put Jilin-1 into a space simulation environment to conduct mechanical and environmental tests, as well as to exam its electromagnetic compatibility. These are crucial tests the satellite must pass before we can give the go-ahead," said Xu Wei, vice chief engineer of Changchun Satellite Technology Co. Ltd.

The Jilin-1 actually consists of four satellites. One is for high-definition images, one for testing new space technology, and the other two for video capturing. Data will be provided to commercial clients to help them forecast and mitigate geological disasters, as well as shorten the time scale for the exploration of natural resources.

"As the country's first self-developed remote sensing satellite, in addition to the conventional imaging capabilities, it also features rapid imaging and three-dimensional imaging functions," said Xing Sirui, Jilin-1 testing supervisor, Changchun Satellite Technology Co. Ltd.

Once the Jilin-1 is launched and fully functional, it will mark a milestone in China's development of commercial satellite applications.

Jilin province, once the country's oldest industrial base, is developing its satellite industry as a new economic drive. The province plans to launch 60 satellites by 2020. And the development of the country's first remote sensing satellite for commercial use is getting off to a good start. (CNTV)


(Editor: CHEN Na)



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