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virus-specific cell;chronic viral infection;chronic disease;cell subset

China Scientists Show Cell Subset Contains Chronic Viral Infection[Aug 08, 2016]

Chinese scientists have defined a subset of a type of virus-specific cells that play a vital role in the control of viral replication in chronic viral infection, possibly paving the way for new ways to treat chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer. According to research published online by Nature magazine, virus-specific cells, CD8 +T, appear to deplete during chronic viral infection.

moble telecommunication;moble telecom satellite;Tiantong;geostationary satellite;home-made

China Launches First Mobile Telecom Satellite[Aug 08, 2016]

China on early Saturday successfully launched the first satellite for mobile telecommunication. It is the first satellite of China's home-made satellite mobile telecom system, and a key part of the country's space information infrastructure. More geostationary satellites will be sent into orbit for the system.

3D printing;skin

Chinese Researchers to Develop 3D Skin Printing Technology[Aug 05, 2016]

Chinese researchers and companies are developing the technology and processes to make 3D-printed skin a reality, and they expect to achieve this within two to three years. The aim is to make custom-made skin for burns patients that will be printed according to their wounds.

space travel;aerospace vehicle;aerospace

Chinese Researchers Plan Space Travel at Lower Cost for Common People[Aug 03, 2016]

Chinese scientists are researching a new type of aerospace vehicle that will take even those who have never had training to space in about 10 years' time at a much lower cost compared to the current price. Scientists from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation have started work on a new vehicle integrating different kinds of engine technologies.

supercapacitor tram;tram;home-made;CRRC;domestic-made

China's First Home-made Supercapacitor Tram Unveiled[Aug 02, 2016]

China's first independently designed supercapacitor tram rolled off the production line in central China's Hunan Province Monday. The tram uses supercapacitor energy storage to operate without external wires and can be fully charged during a 30-second stop and run for 3 to 5 kilometers, according to Engineer-in-Chief SUO Jianguo with Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co. under CRRC Corporation Ltd, the country's largest rolling-stock maker.

icebreaker;Xuelong;Dragon Snow

China Starts Building Its First Polar Icebreaker[Aug 01, 2016]

China is planning to build its first domestically produced polar icebreaker. "Xuelong", or Dragon Snow, is currently China's largest polar icebreaker which was bought from a Ukrainian company in 1993. With a length of 122.5 meters, the new home produced vessel will be smaller than the "Xuelong", but with stronger icebreaking power.


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