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ocean expedition;expedition ship;scientific expedition;Xiangyanghong

New Chinese Ocean Expedition Ship Ready to Serve[Mar 28, 2016]

China's new scientific expedition vessel "Xiangyanghong 03" was put into service and joined China's oceanic research team in Xiamen, Fujian Province on Saturday. The vessel will carry out deep sea observation, exploration, sampling and analysis, and will be a mobile lab and experimentation platform for scientific research and technology development in deep sea and oceanic area.

cancer drug;drug license;cancer

Cancer Drug Developed in China Licensed by U.S. Firm[Mar 24, 2016]

Shanghai-based Fudan University has signed an agreement worth $65 million with Huya Bioscience International, for the U.S. biotech consulting firm to exclusively license a series of novel candidate medications that could be used to treat cancer. A research group led by professor Yang Qing at the university's School of Life Sciences spent more than 10 years developing the panel of novel inhibitors of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) specified in the agreement.

Juncao;mushroom;Fiji;technology cooperation

China's Papa Juncao Brings Mushrooms, New Livelihood to Fiji[Mar 23, 2016]

Fiji could not produce edible or medicinal mushrooms in the past but that has become history. A Chinese scientist has brought his technology from China to this tiny island country across the vast Pacific Ocean, gifting the Fijian people locally-grown mushrooms, and more importantly a brand new livelihood that lifts them further away from poverty.

National Day of Space Flight;spaceflight;satellite project;space flight

China to Set April 24 as National Day of Space Flight[Mar 23, 2016]

The Chinese government has approved the motion to celebrate a national day of space on April 24 every year starting from 2016, according to information on the official website of China's central government. The year 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of China's spaceflight development.

Tiangong;data service;space laboratory

China's 1st Space Lab Tiangong-1 Ends Data Service[Mar 22, 2016]

After an operational orbit of 1,630 days, China's first space lab Tiangong-1 terminated its data service, the manned space engineering office said Monday. It had successfully docked with the Shenzhou-8, Shenzhou-9 and Shenzhou-10 spacecraft and undertaken a series of experiments, contributing to the nation's space program, the office said.

Tianqin;gravitational wave

China's "Tianqin" Program Starts Infrastructure Construction[Mar 21, 2016]

China started to build infrastructure for its gravitational wave research project "Tianqin" in the southern coastal city of Zhuhai on Sunday. Sun Yat-sen University, initiator of the program, held a foundation stone laying ceremony for a 30,000-square-meter research building, a 10,000-square-meter ultra-quiet cave laboratory and a 5,000-square-meter obseravation sation on its Zhuhai campus.


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