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China on Rapid Progress of Robotization: Study[Aug 24, 2017]

China bought 90,000 robots in 2016, accounting for almost a third of the global total, and the robot revolution may raise China's economic competitiveness, according to a report released this week by Bloomberg Intelligence.

body sensors;silk;sensitivity;flexibility

Silk-based Wearable Body Sensors Developed by Chinese Scientists May Improve Sensitivity, Flexibility[Aug 23, 2017]

Scientists from the Tsinghua University in China report they are using silk to develop a more sensitive and flexible generation of these multi-purpose devices that monitor a slew of body functions in real time.

artificial intelligence;AI;AI field;research and development

Spotlight: China is Leading Way with Global AI Revolution in Full Swing[Aug 22, 2017]

China is extremely well-placed to benefit from the exciting future that artificial intelligence (AI) has to offer the world.

train;bullet trains;railway;Fuxing

Bullet Trains Ready to Lay on the Speed[Aug 22, 2017]

Bullet train trips between Beijing and Shanghai will get faster from Sept 21 when Fuxing bullet trains run at 350 kilometers per hour, bringing passengers in China the world's fastest commercial trains, China Railway Corp said on Sunday.

science and technology;developing country;CASTED;innovation index;

China Moves Higher in Global Innovation Index: Report[Aug 21, 2017]

The national innovation index report 2016-2017 by the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED) shows China moved one place higher in 2016, surpassing Belgium. It is the only developing country among the top 20 on the index.

nanomaterials;nano technology;environmental pollution

Chinese, Mexican Scientists Expect Nano Technology to Tackle Environmental Pollution[Aug 21, 2017]

Chinese scientist ZhANG Lin, with South China University of Technology, maintained that heavy metal does not only come from industrial solid wastes, but also from the process of treating wastewater containing heavy metal via using nanomaterials. She then introduced her innovative way to reduce this side effect.


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