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science city;Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park;Zhangjiang;Shanghai

Shanghai to Accelerate Building of 'World-class' Science City: Mayor[Jan 25, 2018]

Shanghai will speed up the development of a "world-class" science city that aims to attract top talent and researchers from around the world. The new science city will be "characterized by its dedication to scientific research and high concentration of technological personnel and institutions.

mimic DNS;Domain Name System;operation

World's First Mimic DNS Server Operates in China[Jan 25, 2018]

World's first mimic DNS (Domain Name System) server went into operation Tuesday in Central China's Henan Province, a proactive move to prevent cyber attacks. The server is in use by China Unicom's Henan provincial branch. It marks the first practical application of the mimic security theory proposed by Chinese scientists, according to the Henan Communication Administration.

Shijian-13;cummunication satellite

China Puts High-throughput Communication Satellite into Service[Jan 24, 2018]

Shijian-13, China's first high-throughput communication satellite, has been put into service after completing a key laser communication test. The high-orbit satellite has finished a two-way high-speed laser communication test between the satellite and ground, the first of its kind in the world.

deep-sea submersible;manned submersible

China to Develop Deep-sea Manned 11-km Submersibles[Jan 24, 2018]

China plans to develop two deep-sea manned submersibles capable of reaching a depth of 11 kilometers by around 2020, according to an oceanic association official. China will upgrade a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) able to dive to a depth of 11 kilometers, and will put it into operation after testing.

traditional Chinese medicine;TCM

China Encourages TCM Innovation[Jan 23, 2018]

China will continue to push forward technological innovation in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and plans to build more TCM labs and research centers in the near future, according to a statement from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The administration highlighted the development of the TCM industry during the past five years and also promised to further promote TCM.

manned space mission

China's Six Manned Space Missions[Jan 22, 2018]

Since the establishment of the Taikonaut Corps of the People's Liberation Army in 1998, Chinese taikonauts have completed six manned spaceflights, conducted over 100 scientific experiments and orbited the earth for 68 days and nights. The corps recruited its first batch of 14 taikonauts from the elite pilots of the PLA Air Force in 1998. In 2010, seven more former pilots joined the mission.


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