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space station;international cooperation

China to Open Space Station to Scientists Worldwide[Jun 09, 2017]

China will open its space station to scientists worldwide after the station is completed around 2022, according to a Chinese space expert. Under the framework, China will open its experimental resources on the Chinese space station to serve payloads from other countries. UN members, especially developing countries, could conduct scientific and technological experiment on Chinese space station.

electromagnetic earthquake monitoring satellite;earthquake monitoring;earthquake forecasting

Satellite to Provide Data on Quakes[Jun 08, 2017]

China will launch its first electromagnetic earthquake monitoring satellite this year, making it a leading country in the field. The satellite will improve earthquake observation and forecasting, the top earthquake administrative authority said on Wednesday.

Mons Rumber;Mons Rumker region;lunar probe;Chang'e 5

China Discloses Chang'e 5 Lunar Probe Landing Site[Jun 08, 2017]

China's Chang'e 5 lunar probe is expected to land in the Mons Rumker region, and to take moon samples back to earth at the end of the year, according to a Chinese space official. LIU Jizhong, director of China Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center of China National Space Administration (CNSA), for the first time disclosed the probe landing site, an isolated volcanic formation located in the northwest part of the Moon's near side.

spaceflight mission;manned spaceflight;space station

China to Conduct at Least Four Manned Spaceflight Missions in Five Years[Jun 07, 2017]

China will carry out at least four manned spaceflight missions over about five years to build a space station. Two manned space missions will be conducted in 2020. China plans to complete the building of the space station by around 2022, aiming to carry out about a dozen launch missions beforehand.

manned lunar landing;lunar landing;space program;space exploration

China Is Making Preparations for Manned Lunar Landing[Jun 07, 2017]

China is making preliminary preparations for a manned lunar landing mission, said YANG Liwei, deputy director general of China Manned Space Agency during the Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2017). The mission will consist of a manned spaceship, a propulsion vehicle and a lunar lander. The manned spaceship and the lunar lander will be sent into circumlunar orbit separately.

space exploration;cooperation

China Willing to Cooperate in Peaceful Space Exploration: XI[Jun 07, 2017]

Chinese President XI Jinping has sent a letter of congratulations to the Global Space Exploration Conference, which opened Tuesday in Beijing. In his letter, XI said China is willing to enhance cooperation with the international community in peaceful space exploration and development.


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