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brain injury;brain damage;consciousness disorder;artificial intelligence

China-developed AI Helps Assess Brain Injury Patients[Sep 03, 2018]

Chinese researchers and doctors have built an artificial intelligence (AI) model with medical imaging to help determine whether patients with severe brain damage might regain consciousness. They over five years developed an AI model, which can make an assessment based on images of brain functional networks.

transformable nano-robot;nano-robot;robot;medical task

Hong Kong Researchers Develop Transformable Nano-robots to Perform Medical Tasks[Aug 31, 2018]

Researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong developed a new way of controlling nano-robots, making them capable of doing complex tasks in minimally invasive surgeries. They have implemented swarm behaviors on nano-robots, allowing controlled morphological changes and splitting.

fatty acid;vegetable oil;lubricant

American, Chinese Scientists Find Two New Vegetable Fatty Acids[Aug 29, 2018]

American and Chinese scientists discovered two new fatty acids in vegetable oils, potentially to be developed as high-quality lubricants. The study revealed that two acids, Nebraskanic acid and Wuhanic acid, made up nearly half of the seed oil found in the Chinese violet cress.

innovation center;innovation

Centers to Enhance the Use of Innovation Resources[Aug 27, 2018]

China will build a number of State-level industrial innovation centers as part of efforts to ramp up support for high-tech sectors in line with the nation's innovation strategies. A key focus of launching the innovation centers will be "promoting the agglomeration of innovative companies and efficient use of innovation resources".

Smart China Expo;innovation-driven development;innovation-driven

Xi Sends Congratulatory Letter to Smart China Expo[Aug 24, 2018]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a congratulatory letter to the first Smart China Expo that opened in Chongqing Municipality on Thursday. Xi emphasized that China attaches great importance to innovation-driven development and is firmly committed to its new vision for development by accelerating the industrialization of the digital economy and digitization of industries to promote high-quality development and pursue better lives for the people.

Arctic observation;Arctic expedition;unmanned ice station system

China Enters 'Unmanned Era' in Arctic Observation[Aug 24, 2018]

Chinese scientists have installed an unmanned ice station system for the first time in the Arctic Ocean, ushering in an "unmanned era" for scientific observation of the North Pole. Installment was completed on Wednesday and the observation data was successfully transmitted home.


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