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research vessel;ocrean drilling;deep-sea drilling

China Aims to Build World's 3rd Ocean Drilling Research Vessel[Jun 13, 2017]

China aims to build the world's third ocean drilling research vessel and become a key leader in international deep-sea drilling scientific efforts by 2028, a senior government consultant said Monday. WANG Pinxian, a marine geologist from Tongji University and also with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, made the remarks at a press event to announce the successful conclusion of a China-led international drilling mission to find out how the South China Sea was formed some tens of millions of years ago.

ultrastrong carbon material;lightweight carbon;elastic;carbon

Scientists Create Ultrastrong Carbon Material That's Elastic Like Rubber[Jun 12, 2017]

Scientists from Yanshan University, China, and their international collaborators have developed a form of ultrastrong, lightweight carbon that is hard as a diamond yet elastic like rubber and electrically conductive. The material combines the best properties of graphitic- and diamond-like forms of carbon.

fammable ice;combustible ice;South China Sea

China's Exploration of Flammable Ice Going Smoothly: Geological Bureau[Jun 12, 2017]

China has explored about 210,000 cubic meters of the combustible ice in the South China Sea and the tests are proceeding smoothly. A month has passed since the test on the extraction of combustible ice started in waters near the Pearl River estuary, said Guangzhou Marine Geological Bureau.

awards system;technological contribution;denotion and innovation;innovation

China to Improve Sci-Tech Awards System[Jun 12, 2017]

The Chinese central government has called for reform of the awards system for scientific and technological contributions to spur devotion and innovation among scientists. The move is aimed at motivating sci-tech employees' enthusiasm for seeking innovation and breakthroughs amid the nation's efforts to transform its economy into an innovation-driven one, according to a State Council document published Friday.

deep sea;submarine observation;maritime

China Dives Further into Deep Sea[Jun 09, 2017]

China is making progress in becoming a maritime global power, pushing forward technology and research on all fronts. China is setting up a submarine observation network, the first national science and technology infrastructure project in the maritime field. The network will be completed within five years at a cost of more than 2.1 billion yuan (about 310 million U.S. dollars).

high-tech expo;high-tech

International High-tech Expo Opens in Beijing[Jun 09, 2017]

The 20th China Beijing International High-tech Expo (CHITEC) opened Thursday, with latest homegrown technology in space exploration, aircraft, and information technology on display. Covering 45,000 square meters, the expo consists of 13 display areas, in which more than 1,400 enterprises, universities and research institutions exhibit technology and products ranging from companion robots to a pocket selfie drone and a 3D chocolate printer.


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