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space router;Long March-4B;router;Gaofen-11

China Launches Space Router for First Time[Nov 01, 2018]

China's first space router has been successfully launched atop the Long March-4B carrier rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern Shanxi province. The router is one of the core requirements needed to build a "space-ground integrated information network," in a bid to provide Internet services for different users, as nearly half of people across the globe are yet to have Internet access, hindered by deserts, mountains, oceans or other natural environments.

Arctic data;Sino-Russia;Actic expedition

Sino-Russian Expedition Provides Arctic Data[Oct 31, 2018]

A recently concluded China-Russia joint Arctic expedition has yielded a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of the Arctic Ocean that will provide scientific support for the development of a Polar Silk Road, scientists from the two countries. Eleven Chinese researchers and 19 Russians participated in the second joint Sino-Russia Arctic expedition, which started in Russia's eastern port of Vladivostok on Sept 6.

Shanghai;technological innovation center

Shanghai Aims for Top Tech City Status[Oct 31, 2018]

According to a survey published on Monday, Shanghai is regarded by many as the ideal Chinese city for global scientists. On the list of 22 global innovative cities, Shanghai was ranked No 16, the nation's highest ranking, followed by Chinese cities of Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Hangzhou.

hole-and-electron-selective layer;solar cell

Chinese Researchers Develop New Technique for Low-cost Solar Cells[Oct 30, 2018]

Chinese researchers have developed a new photovoltaic technique that could improve the efficiency of solar cells and reduce their cost. The new technique uses high-efficiency hole-and-electron-selective layers for both polarities on silicon substrate, which could improve the efficiency of solar cells to 15.1 percent.

China-France Oceanography Satellite;CFOSat;ocean-oberving satellite;

Xi, Macron Exchange Congratulations on Successful Launch of Jointly Developed Satellite[Oct 30, 2018]

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on Monday exchanged congratulations on the successful launch earlier in the day of a jointly developed ocean-observing satellite. The joint mission between the China National Space Administration (CNSA) and the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, the French space agency, will enable 24-hour observations of global wave spectrum, effective wave height and ocean surface wind field.


China to Build Its First Permanent Airfield in Antarctica[Oct 30, 2018]

Chinese researchers have picked a spot for the construction of its first-ever permanent airfield in Antarctica, which will greatly facilitate the nation's research and expedition in the frozen continent. The construction of the planned airfield will be carried out by the 35th Antarctic expedition, which is set to leave on Nov 2.


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