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marine satellite;HY-1C;ocean color;water temperature;satellite

China Launches New Marine Satellite[Sep 07, 2018]

China sent a new marine satellite into orbit Friday to help improve understanding of maritime waters and climate change. The satellite HY-1C will help monitor ocean color and water temperatures, providing basic data for research on the global oceanic environment.

Shenhai Yihao;DeepSea No.1;Jiaolong;submersible

China's Submersible Jiaolong to Have New Mothership[Sep 07, 2018]

A new mothership for the submersible Jiaolong will be launched by the end of this year. The new mothership named Shenhai Yihao (DeepSea No. 1) will be tested after its launch, and is expected to be put into service in the first half of 2019. Shenhai Yihao, 90.2 meters long and 16.8 meters wide, has a cruising capacity of 14,000 nautical miles.

science literacy;popular science

World Conference on Science Literacy to Be Held in Beijing[Sep 07, 2018]

The World Conference on Science Literacy 2018 will be held in Beijing alongside 2018 China Popular Science Day. The conference aims to integrate resources, experiences, and strengths in promoting global public science literacy. It is expected to build consensus and foster international cooperation to establish a shared platform for the promotion of public science literacy.


Chinese Scientists Achieve Research in Treating Superbacteria[Sep 06, 2018]

A Chinese research team has achieved complete synthesis of three chemical compounds to treat super-bacteria. The new synthetic substances can kill drug-resistant super-bacteria and the dosage is much lower than compared to traditional antibiotics.

medical device;medical instrument;medical apparatus;drug-eluting stent;The Lancet;medical

Chinese Medical Stent Makes Lancet Breakthrough[Sep 06, 2018]

The Lancet published a report on the clinical tests of a China-made device, the Firehawk stent, a drug-eluting stent independently developed by the Shanghai-based MicroPort Scientific Corporation. This is the debut of a China-developed medical device in the world's oldest and best-known medical journal.

wound dressing material;adhesive antibacterial hydrogel;hydrogel;wound healing

Chinese Scientists Develop New Wound Dressing Material[Sep 04, 2018]

Chinese scientists with Xi'an Jiaotong University in northwest China's Shaanxi Province have designed a self-healing, injectable hydrogel that has multiple functions as a wound dressing, especially for joint skin damage. The hydrogel has great potential as an effective bioactive wound dressing.


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