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AI;international cooperation

Expanded Intl Cooperation on AI Research Coming: Minister[Mar 11, 2019]

China will expand international cooperation in researching artificial intelligence, as well as tackling new social and ethical challenges posed by the new technology, China's top science official said on Friday. Scientists have been researching artificial intelligence for more than 60 years.

Xuelong;Snow Dragon;Antarctic research

China's 35th Antarctic Expedition Fruitful[Mar 11, 2019]

China's icebreaker Xuelong, also known as the Snow Dragon, is on its way back home from its 35th Antarctic research mission. Crew members have made a series of research advances during the four-month-long journey, such as the completion of new buildings and supporting facilities in research bases, marine species surveys, underwater robot tests, and installation of new radar and solar telescopes.

space plan;space exploration

What Are China's Space Plans in 2019?[Mar 08, 2019]

With the Chang'e-4 lunar probe successfully landing on the far side of the Moon on January 3, China's space program is set to reach new heights in 2019. China will focus on the following projects in 2019, including BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, Chang'e-5 and its family, and carrier rocket launch.

gut microbiota;pesticide;obesity

New Study Finds How Pesticide Exposure Causes Obesity[Mar 08, 2019]

Researchers from China Agriculture University focused on the human gut microbiota, the most important micro-ecosystem in the body. Their new study has found that the use of pesticides increases the risk of developing obesity by impairing gut and gut microbiota.

space station

Preparatory Tests for Manned Space Station Mission to Start Later This Year[Mar 07, 2019]

China will start launching preparatory tests for its manned space station mission in the second half of this year. The core module of the space station, a Long March 5B carrier rocket and payloads to be carried by the rocket's maiden flight will be transported to the Wenchang Space Launch Site in the island province of Hainan in the second half of 2019 to conduct joint tests and drills.

nanogel;antibacterial textile;wound infection;wound

Chinese Scientists Develop Nanogel for Antibacterial Textile[Mar 07, 2019]

Chinese scientists have developed a nanogel that can be applied to textiles for durable antibacterial effects. The nanogel has a regular spherical structure with a size of about 200 nanometers. The nanogel grafted on the surface of cotton fibers displayed good thermal stability, which is essential for the finishing of fabrics.


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