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rice;genome map;

Chinese Scientists Complete High-resolution 3D Genome Map of Rice[Aug 16, 2019]

Chinese scientists completed a high-resolution three-dimensional genome map of rice, which is a breakthrough in the crop's genetic improvement. The team from Huazhong Agricultural University aimed to investigate the genome architecture and its effects on the growth of rice through the map.

dehydrin;drought stress;

Plants "Eat Themselves" to Resist Drought: Research[Aug 15, 2019]

A protein in some plants can promote autophagic degradation under drought stress to help improve drought tolerance of the plants, Chinese scientists have found. Dehydrin is a multi-family of proteins present in plants that is produced in response to cold and drought stress. The research result has been published in the journal Autophagy.

rapeseed;high yield;gene editing;

Chinese Researchers Develop New Type of High-yielding Rapeseed[Aug 13, 2019]

Chinese researchers have used gene-editing technology to develop a new type of high-yielding rapeseed, according to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). The research provides germplasm resources for the cultivation of high-yield varieties of rapeseed. The research was published online in the Plant Biotechnology Journal.

basic science;female scientist

Chinese Scientists Call for Bigger Role of Women in Basic Science: Paper[Aug 13, 2019]

Chinese scientists have called for encouraging women to play a bigger role in basic science, especially in mathematics. During a "Women and Mathematics" forum held in Beijing on Sunday, scientists said encouraging more women to engage in basic research will help improve science education and scientific research.

Arctic expedition;Xiangyanghong 01

Chinese Research Ship Departs for 10th Arctic Expedition[Aug 12, 2019]

Chinese scientists set off for the 10th Arctic expedition on Saturday as the oceanographic research ship Xiangyanghong 01 departed from the coastal city of Qingdao in east China's Shandong Province. A total of 78 scientists from 13 research institutions will participate in the 50-day expedition.

atomic clock;super-thin;BDS

China's Super-thin Atomic Clocks Achieve Mass Production[Aug 09, 2019]

China's super-thin rubidium atomic clock, which is just 17 millimeters thick, has been put into mass production, said its manufacturer Thursday. The clock, developed in 2018 by a research institute under the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited, is the key to the positioning and timing accuracy of BeiDou navigation satellites.


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