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lunar base;lunar spacecraft;lunar exploration

China to Launch Chang'e 4 This Year, Eyeing Lunar Base in 2025[Mar 14, 2018]

China plans to launch the Chang'e-4 lunar lander and rover spacecraft this year with the aim of touching down on the far side of the moon. China will be the first country to send a lunar spacecraft to the far side of the moon as part of three stages planned in the country's lunar exploration program -- orbiting the moon, landing on it and returning to earth.

Mars probe;Mars

Aerodynamic Design Complete, Mars Probe Undergoes Trials[Mar 13, 2018]

The Mars probe's aerodynamic design is complete and undergoing trials, according to China's major aerospace science and technology researcher and developer. The country's first Mars probe is scheduled to be launched on a Long March 5 launch vehicle by 2020 from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in South China's Hainan Province.

commercialization;government management;research findings

Minister Stresses Commercialization of Research Findings[Mar 13, 2018]

Commercialization of scientific and technological research findings should be a crucial part in strengthening the country's innovation-driven development, said WAN Gang, minister of science and technology, during the ongoing two sessions. WAN said China's current technology market size is about 1.3 trillion yuan ($205 billion).

science ship;research vessel

Science Ship Construction Set to Begin[Mar 12, 2018]

A major shipbuilder has unveiled plans to start the construction of China's biggest research vessel this year, with the project expected to take about two years to complete. With a displacement of 6,800 metric tons, it will be the country's largest research vessel, said Hu, who noted that it will use an advanced podded propulsion system, giving it better mobility.

Magellan Seamounts;west Pacific;Kexue

Chinese Research Vessel on New "Seamounts" Expedition[Mar 12, 2018]

Chinese research vessel Kexue, or "Science" literally, left from the eastern city of Qingdao Saturday on an expedition to th Magellan Seamounts in the west Pacific. The expedition will improve understanding of the little-known seamounts, which are mountains rising from the bottom of the ocean without reaching the surface.

power generator;hybrid power generator;mechanical energy;nano-generator;solar cell

Chinese Scientists Develop Power Generator Adaptable to Both Sunny, Rainy Conditions[Mar 12, 2018]

Chinese scientists have developed an cost-effective hybrid power generator that generates electricity both in sunny conditions and by collecting the mechanical energy of falling raindrops in rainy days. In a study published in the latest edition of ACS Nano journal, scientists from China's Soochow University introduced their new invention -- a device that combines an existing solar cell with a triboelectric nano-generator (TENG).


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