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plant species;higher plant;botanical

China Boasts One Tenth of World's Plant Species: Statistics[Jul 27, 2017]

China is home to one tenth of world's plant species, according to statistics released at the ongoing 19th International Botanical Congress (IBC). China has more than 34,000 species of higher plants, ranking third in the world. It is also top in the world with over 2,200 species of ferns.

AI;artificial intelligence;development plan

China Maps out AI Development Plan[Jul 21, 2017]

The State Council, China's cabinet, has issued a plan for artificial intelligence (AI) development, setting the target of China becoming a major center for AI innovation and leading the world in AI technology and applications by 2030. The plan said China firstly aims to keep pace with the leading countries in AI technology and applications in general by 2020.

AI;artificial intelligengce;development plan

Plan to Put China in AI Industry Vanguard[Jul 21, 2017]

China aims to build a 1 trillion yuan ($147.9 billion) artificial intelligence industry by 2030, as the country scrambles to lead the world in research and application of the cutting-edge technology, a new plan said on Thursday.

acidification of Arctic;Arctic Ocean;Xuelong

Acidification of Arctic to Be Studied on Icebreaker[Jul 19, 2017]

The Chinese icebreaker Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, will set out for northern seas on Thursday on a quest to measure the acidification of the Arctic Ocean. The expedition also will undertake scientific research on marine microplastics, which are tiny pieces of plastic, often used in facial cleansers and similar products as scrubbers, that pass through wastewater treatment plants and reach the ocean, officials said. It will be the first time for the issue to be studied during an institute expedition, which also conducts studies in multiple disciplines such as marine biology, meteorology, geology and chemistry.

underwater glider;unmanned submersible;maritime scientific expedition;Kexue

China to Test Underwater Gliders, Submersible in Latest Expedition[Jul 11, 2017]

Chinese scientists will begin testing the country's self-developed underwater gliders and autonomous unmanned submersible in yet another maritime scientific expedition. The equipment -- 12 gliders, one submersible, and a Raman spectrometer -- was loaded on the research vessel "Kexue" (Science), which left Qingdao in east Shandong Province Monday.

solid fuel carrier rocket;solid-fuel rocket;Long March

New Solid-fuel Carrier Rocket to Be Ready by 2018[Jul 10, 2017]

China is developing a carrier rocket that can be launched from ships at sea, according to a rocket scientist. The rocket is being developed based on the academy's existing solid-fuel rocket and will be capable of sending a 500-kilogram satellite to a sun-synchronous orbit about 500 kilometers above Earth.


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