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5G-Enabled Farming Robot Launched in East China[Jun 20, 2019]

In a greenhouse, a white robot moves in between two rows of leafy greens while data about the plants are gathered and fed back to a control room. The robot was put to use in East China's Fujian province, and unlike many other agricultural robots, this one is 5G-enabled.

glittering blue plankton;blue plankton;plankton

Glittering Blue Plankton Grows Brighter on China's Shores, Satellite Images Show[Jun 17, 2019]

Scientists in China and the United States have developed a way that uses satellites to track the luminous plankton responsible for producing "blue tears" in China's coastal waters. They found that those glittering creatures have become more abundant in recent years.

dinosaur footprint;

100m-year Old Fossilized Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in East China[Jun 17, 2019]

A China-US joint research team announced in Beijing Sunday that they had discovered four nearly 100-million-year old fossilized dinosaur footprints in eastern China's Jiangsu Province. The findings have been published in the academic journal Geological Bulletin of China.

plant science;arabidopsis

Int'l Plant Science Conference to Open in Central China[Jun 17, 2019]

Over 1,000 scientists from 40 countries and regions will present and discuss their new discoveries at a top plant science conference next week in central China. This year, the four-day conference will showcase the research achievements of Chinese plant science and promote exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries.

scientist spirit;science community

Guidelines on Promoting Scientist Spirit Published[Jun 17, 2019]

A booklet of guidelines on promoting scientist spirit and improving the conduct and ethics of the science community has been published by the People's Publishing House. The document was released by the general offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council. The booklet is now available at Xinhua Bookstore outlets across the country.

international cooperation project;cooperation project;CSS

First Batch of Cooperation Projects Aboard China Space Station Released[Jun 14, 2019]

China released the first nine international cooperation projects for the country's planned space station. The nine projects involve 23 entities from 17 countries in the fields of aerospace medicine, space life sciences and biotechnology, microgravity physics and combustion science, astronomy and other emerging technologies.


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