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Chinese Varsity Mulls Partnership with African Academy of Sciences

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China's Tsinghua University is going to forge strategic collaboration with Nairobi-based African Academy of Sciences (AAS) in areas that promote ecological protection and human health, officials said on Tuesday.

Chen Xu, the Chairperson of Tsinghua University Council, said that plans are in the pipeline to formalize partnership with the Pan-African scientific body to enable the two institutions to optimize on their strengths in academic research.

"We appreciate the contribution of AAS in advancing scientific progress across Africa and look forward to future collaboration in climate, health and food security research," said Chen.

She led a delegation of scholars from Tsinghua University to meet senior AAS officials and discuss strategic areas of collaboration that include infectious disease control, climate change and training of young African scientists.

Chen said that knowledge sharing between African and Chinese scientists could strengthen response to climate-related disasters and infectious diseases that have devastated communities in the world's second largest continent.

Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Liu Xianfa attended the bonding session between senior officials from Tsinghua University and African Academy of Sciences.

Liu said that Beijing is committed to strengthening collaboration in science and technology with African allies in order to achieve mutual benefits.

He added that joint research programs and vocational training will remain a key pillar of Sino-African scientific cooperation.

African scientists are keen to harness research and technological edge from Chinese academic institutions in order to tackle endemic challenges facing the continent like hunger, disease and environmental degradation.

Thomas Kariuki, Director of AAS-affiliated Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA) said that a formal partnership with Chinese research institutes will revitalize sustainability agenda in the continent. (Xinhua)


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