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Chinese Scientists Carry out Field Research on King George Island

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Scientists carry out field research on the King George Island as they disembarked from Chinese research vessel Haiyang Liuhao, also known as Ocean No. 6, on the Antarctic, Jan. 22, 2017. It was the research vessel's debut of ashore expedition. Haiyang Liuhao set sail on July 2016 to the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica for a 60,000-km expedition and is expected to return in mid-April 2017. The expedition will have three tasks. It will serve as a marine resource and carry out environment evaluation in the West Pacific according to a contract with the International Seabed Authority. It will also perform distribution and comparative research on deep-sea resources in the East Pacific, and carry out comprehensive geological, geophysical and maritime research in and around the Antarctic Peninsula. (Xinhua/Wang Pan) (Xinhua)


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